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OmniGrade: Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a new customized RGA system for sophisticated cleanliness verification

Asslar, Germany, November 15, 2023. In addition to vacuum pumps, leak detectors, measurement and analysis devices, components as well as vacuum chambers and systems, Pfeiffer Vacuum now also offers customized turn-key solutions in form of residual gas analysis systems. Fast-emerging markets with advancing technical requirements place an increasing value on superior cleanliness, as molecular contamination negatively affects the functionality of manufactured products. Therefore, more and more customers are defining higher requirements for cleanliness. For instance, in the EUV lithography market they are driven by the Generic Standards GSA 07 1221 & GSA 07 2221. Essential to securing the quality of parts is to properly determine the outgassing rates under a high vacuum environment by utilizing Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new OmniGrade system.

OmniGrade is a sophisticated residual gas analysis (RGA) system. Its design is selected to meet the specific testing demands. A team of Pfeiffer Vacuum experts is dedicated to delivering the best solution to meet customer requirements, taking into account total cost of ownership and lead times. OmniGrade configurations include two or three chambers consisting of the spectrometer chamber in which the mass spectrometer is positioned, and a measurement chamber where the samples are placed during measurement. Options include a load lock chamber to minimize system background and an automated sample transport system. The OmniGrade system was designed for low footprint demands and easy integration with latest interfaces. Cleanroom compatibility is possible and the mass spectrometer according to the requirements (PrismaPro or HiQuad) can be selected. Thermal heating, either of the pure system or together with the sample (bake-out), will contribute to further optimizing the measuring capability and improving sample cleanliness.

“OmniGrade incorporates energy-efficient components and advanced technologies that help to optimize cleanliness verification processes, resulting in less waste and more efficient use of resources in the customer’s production environment”, said Patrick Walther, Strategic Product Manager Instruments at Pfeiffer Vacuum, at the Precision Fair.

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