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New solar cell technology bridges the gap between cost and climate change goals

Cutting-edge technology is combining with unmet demand in a now stagnant solar PV market to progress clean energy transitions. A new disruptive bifacial p-PERT PV cell technology, with over 90% bi-facility and higher stability, providing n-type Si performance in p-type silicon is coming to Europe and the U.S.

Analysts predict that solar and wind energy will provide almost 50% of the world’s power by 2050, with renewables accounting for 90% of new power capacity expansion globally in 2021-22. However sustained growth in the market is contingent on the continued decrease of the price of solar energy. The key is highly efficient photovoltaic cells, with high energy production and higher energy density per installed unit, while maintaining low production costs. According to the International Energy Agency, advancement on energy technologies is failing to keep pace, raising concerns about meeting long-term climate goals.

SolAround offers a possible solution: its new p-PERT PV solar cell technology produces 10- 40% more energy per unit area installed, per installation type and operating conditions, compared to current mono-facial and bifacial systems. This is at standard market PERC cost-of-production, lowering the cost of solar energy (LCOE) by 25% relative to monofacial systems and by 7-10% relative to other Bifacial cell technologies available or coming to market.

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