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March of the robots felt in photovoltaic circles

Robots working alongside their human colleagues on a variety of production lines are now an everyday sight, and the photovoltaic industry is taking notice of the lower costs and shorter production times that the use of robots in industry brings. In this article, Rüdiger Winter, of German company Adept Technology, a global, leading provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics systems and services, examines how robots are the perfect solution to a sector which seems to be in a permanent state of development and change.


As in many other sectors, the trend towards automation in the photovoltaic industry is unstoppable. The only way for the industry to be successful along a wide front is by permanently lowering its production costs.

The photovoltaic industry already has a potential that not only warrants but positively encourages the use of automation technology. Using industrial robots brings shorter processing times, lower wage costs, less breakage and therefore higher cost effectiveness. In recent years, most manufacturers who have invested in this technology have done so with great success

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