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LONGi announces new brand identity for their rooftop products

Frankfurt am Main, 12th October 2023 – LONGi has announced a change in the brand identity of their rooftop PV modules for the distributed generation market. The Hi-MO 6 is now the Hi-MO X6. This move reinforces the revolutionary character of the Hi-MO 6 series, which has been designed and developed exclusively for a better user experience. The improvements can be seen both on the technical side and in terms of the aesthetics, with enhanced back contact (BC) technology known as HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact).

The rebranding underlines LONGi’s commitment to back contact technology as the future of solar

The rebranding is testament to the fact that LONGi considers back contact technologies to be the future of solar over the next 5 to 6 years. The company has opted to include a substantial portion of BC solar cell technology in their product portfolio. By the end of 2023, an HPBC production capacity of 30 GW will be in full operation and the majority of LONGi’s overall production capacity will be dominated by back contact solar cell technology in the future.

According to LONGi’s Chairman, Baoshen Zhong, in September 2023 “The industry is facing a radical technological shift at this point in the terawatt era. Over the next five to six years, BC solar cells, known for their high efficiency and aesthetics, are set to become the leading choice in the photovoltaic industry with immediate effect”. Nick Wang, LONGi’s Vice President Europe, added: “The rebranding underlines the values we share with our customers, partners and end consumers globally. These values are reflected in the Hi-MO X6 and sets it apart as a distinctive product.”

The Hi-MO X6 is the result of increased customer demands

The Hi-MO X6 has been meticulously developed by LONGi’s product team over two years on the basis of extensive end-user research. The result is a tailored solution for the distributed market and residential and commercial rooftops. It combines ultimate efficiency, maximum safety and seamless integration with architectural aesthetics.

Power generation outperforms traditional modules by 6 to 10 percent

The Hi-MO X6 has been built on high-efficiency HPBC cell technology, featuring a frontal busbar-free design. The product’s design thus maximizes the use of incident light, reduces optical losses, enhances conversion efficiency and consequently optimizes LCOE. The standard version of the HPBC cell has achieved an efficiency breakthrough of 25.5%, while HPBC+ cell efficiency exceeds 25.8%. Equipped with this cutting-edge technology, Hi-MO X6 shows a 6% – 10% improvement in power generation performance compared to traditional modules. With a maximum module efficiency of 23.3%, the product sets a new benchmark in value for the global distributed market.

LONGi has overcome challenges in the production of back contact technology

Until now, the key challenges for BC solar cell technology have been the low yield and cost-effectiveness. LONGi have successfully upgraded the technology substantially and thereby improved the mass production yield considerably. In addition, the company has modified the manufacturing processes and significantly reduced the cost, thus enabling the large-scale promotion of BC solar cell technology.