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How mono PERC performance is taking the PV market to a new era of higher power with lower costs

With calls to drastically reduce carbon emissions, there has been a steady increase in the demand for reliable and cost-effective PV energy globally. This need for high yield energy production is fuelled by fast moving technologies in PV manufacture, industry, communications, and commercial and domestic applications. By increasing cell and module capacities through the development of p-type bifacial mono PERC technology, high efficiency and reliability is possible to achieve with the additional benefit of effectively reducing the levelised cost of energy (LCOE). LONGi has invested heavily in the research and development of mono PERC systems to become the largest mono wafer and mono module manufacturer globally, and they don’t intend to stop there.

LONGi began in 2000 as a mono ingot and wafer manufacturer, such was there success in the marketplace that by 2014 they had further expanded into solar cell and module manufacture. Long-term commitment to the design and manufacture of high performing products for their customers, while keeping costs low, combined with maintaining good financial health of the company, has kept their product development one step ahead of the competition and built global trust in the brand. By the end of 2019, LONGi will have around 2GW of bifacial modules operating across the US, LATAM, Europe, Australia, India, APAC, and East Asia.

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