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GoodWe Wins Major Award for Outstanding Efficiency, Again

The 2022 System Performance Index (SPI) test named GoodWe, a world leading inverter manufacturer, most efficient Asian inverter for the third year in a row.

As part of the Photovoltaic (PV) storage test by the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, GoodWe’s ET and EH inverters achieved SPIs of 93.4% and 91.2% respectively. All manufacturers of solar energy storage systems for residential buildings were invited to participate in Energy Storage Inspection 2022, a tournament of residential solar systems.

Eugene Lucarelli, head of marketing at GoodWe, said “We were confident that we would do well, and we’re very happy to have even more proof that our inverters are the smart choice for people ready to make the switch to solar.” 

There were fourteen manufacturers that took part, including GoodWe, under laboratory conditions. In the end, GoodWe’s EH inverter won 2nd place in SPI and efficiency, just one percent behind the foremost entrant in the 5kw category.

The SPI is an economic index designed by researchers to determine the energy storage costs of a real-world system compared to one in imaginary perfect conditions. Efficiency is one of the most important factors in selecting a solar system, and with mains power becoming increasingly expensive, consumers will be additionally focussed on efficiency and how it translates to savings and a faster return on investment.

Lucarelli added, “With our industry leading efficiency pitted against rising energy costs, people who go solar now will reap the financial benefits quicker than ever before.”

To learn how solar power can help with energy savings, visit GoodWe.com.