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From drone to airplane: new method of conducting aerial thermography leading towards predictive analysis

The world of photovoltaic aerial inspections is changing. Today the solar industry seems to have already gotten used to the new technologies that have taken over the market; inspections by drone and plant digitization. Plant owners and managers, if not already, are heading in this new direction, leaving manual inspections behind. Companies providing inspection and data analysis services, us included, are all providing the new industry norm.

There is a reason for this, drones and the specific types of cameras used, produce top quality images that allow for exceptional data processing and clear results. The geometrical resolution is incomparable with other types of inspections, with drones you can reach previously unreachable plants and can detect anomalies within the plant that can only be seen from a bird’s eye view.

Furthermore, drones, for obvious reasons, are quicker than conducting manual inspections and also much safer for the personnel involved.

That being said, we’ve now introduced an even faster, more efficient and economical way of conducting inspections: by plane: with a cooled radiometric camera.

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