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Focussing on strengthening our market position

We are focussing on strengthening our market position by employing best technological practice

Hans-Jörgen Stangl, CEO of Stangl AG, has helmed the company through a fantastically successful year, one that has seen a link-up with Singulus Technologies and an increase in PV revenue. Here he talks to PES about the company, their goals for the future and further bullish growth into international markets…


PES: Can you explain a little about your company and what you offer the photovoltaic industry?
Hans-Jörgen Stangl: Stangl Semiconductor Equipment AG is a leading equipment manufacturer for wet chemical processes in the production of photovoltaic wafers, Si-cells and CIS/CIGS thin film cells.

We specialise in the planning, construction and manufacture of fully-automated wet process equipment in batch and in-line operation, for wafer cleaning, saw damage removal, acidic-/alkaline texturing, PSG removal and polish/etching. Additionally we provide fully-automated equipment for coating of the buffer-layer at CIS/CIGS thin film cells.

PES: How much does the photovoltaic sector contribute to your overall business, and can you see it making up for a larger share in the future?
HJS: As of 2006, the photovoltaic sector makes up for more than 70% of our delivery-volume. And given the continuously-growing PV market and the additional diversification of our product portfolio (with the target of completely covering the PV value chain), we will increase the photovoltaic sector to up 80% of our business. We’re likely to achieve that this year.

PES: Can you outline a few of the benefits of your wet process systems?

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