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Energy and power management using PV energy storage and a DC nanogrid

Ferroamp, a Swedish company founded in 2010, has developed a unique system that takes the integration of PV power and energy storage in facilities, to a new level. The product concept is based on a unique approach for managing phase unbalance in three phase systems. PES went to find out more about this latest technology.

These unbalances occur when too many loads end up on the same phase conductor. This is a problem in Sweden as the fixed monthly grid fee is based on the size of the mains fuse. The lower the fuse rating, the lower the monthly grid fee.

Three phase system reinvented

The ACE technology automatically reduces the phase unbalance and neutral currents. Large single phase loads such as single phase charging points can be used without overloading the AC grid. Costly reinforcements can be avoided and grid fees can be reduced.

Due to the ACE technology a new flexible inverter had to be designed. It had to be capable of dynamic power conversion from AC to DC, as well as DC to AC, with independent dynamic current flow in each phase conductor.

Integrated trouble free AC charging

Charging electric vehicles using AC often reduces the available supply capacity. This limits the charging speed and prevents other equipment from being operated while charging. The EnergyHub ACE technology dynamically balances the consumption between the phase conductors, to enable the fastest possible charging.

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