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Building on quality and value

Solarfun Power Holdings (Nasdaq: SOLF) has again moved up among the top-tier solar manufacturers, while increasing its capacity to an impressive 240MW. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has contributed to the global transition to a sustainable energy future one PV cell at a time.


Building a trusted brand on the foundation of quality products is Solarfun’s proud tradition. This tradition began over 10 years ago through Linyang Electronics, the founder of Solarfun. Linyang Electronics grew from 16 employees to become the number one electric meter manufacturer in China and a trusted brand worldwide, by consistently delivering high-quality products and service. Solarfun has continued this endeavor for perfection since its founding in 2004 and has achieved impressive results.

Consistently delivering quality

A quality product is only as good as the sum of its parts. With this philosophy, not only is the quality of Solarfun modules ensured by a complete visual inspection and simulator testing, but also guaranteed from an established quality control process focused on the raw materials and Solarfun cells that form a finished Solarfun module.
Solarfun cells undergo a process of continuous quality control, starting with rigorous material testing followed by the careful inspection of each PV cell for current reversion, micro cracks, chipping, warping, and any uneven thickness. Each cell is then power-matched into over 24 performance classes to ensure consistent performance between the cells in the module array….

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