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Back to basics for massive gains in speed & yield


A company built on simple solutions to complex issues, Eurotron offers a complete solution for the photovoltaic module manufacturing process for backside contact cells. They’ve developed a flexible production line which can adapt to your customised production needs,


and in doing so, have pioneered a 100MW line for the future. PES asked company spokesman, Bram Verschoor, to explain more…

PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Firstly, can you explain a little about your company’s structure and role within the solar energy industry?

Bram Verschoor: Eurotron offers a state-of-the-art module assembly line based upon backside-contacted solar cells. The line has been developed together with ECN and offers, with 150 MWp, an extraordinarily-high capacity. Eurotron is a sister company of TTA, which specialises in high-speed plant handling and plant selection within the horticultural industry.

PES: Can you describe your relationship with the ECN? Is it crucial to your continued business operations?

BV: Our relation with ECN goes back three years. Within the scope of a European funded project, called SUNNOVATION II, ECN developed technology, and Eurotron the technique to process backside contacted solar cells.

PES: Can you outline the processes handled by a few of your products?

BV: The process developed by Eurotron goes back to the basics. A 150 MWp line consumes ± € 300 million on solar cells per year; every per cent increase in yield saves € 3 million annually.

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