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A solution from the future to a present day problem

PES thought it was time to catch up on the latest news from Ecoppia. We had a very interesting interview with Oscar Aira Zunzunegui, VP Sales. This go-ahead company is a top player in automation and robotics for large-scale solar and their cloud-based, connected platform and an array of robotic solutions allow smart management of solar plants. Even during this global pandemic, Ecoppia successfully managed to keep an optimal production as always.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar/PV Oscar, it’s great to have this opportunity to speak with Ecoppia again. Would you like to begin by giving us a brief overview of Ecoppia?

Oscar Aira: Thank you for having me. In the past 7 years, since late 2013, Ecoppia has been a pioneer and world leader in automation and robotics in the solar industry, offering robotic cleaning solutions for PV modules, keeping them clean, at a year-round peak performance.

Our cloud-based, autonomous robotic systems remove dust and soiling from solar panels, typically, on a nightly basis, while leveraging advanced machine learning. Managed and controlled remotely, our platform allows solar projects to maintain maximum performance with a minimal cost and no human intervention.

We offer the Ecoppia E4 solution to fixed tilt installations, mainly in Asia and the Middle East, while the T4 was designed specifically for sites using Single Axis Trackers, and is mainly relevant for North and Latin America. Both solutions are completely water-free and solar powered.

From just a 5 MW project in 2014, we are now deploying sites of over 500MW, working side by side with the leading energy players in the industry.

Compared to when we started, when we had to explain why robotic cleaning makes sense, these days the industry fully realizes the liability of cleaning manually, and how expensive and unsustainable it is.

Last, but not least, Ecoppia is made of extremely passionate team of professionals, that are committed to take an active role in the transformation to a cleaner and truly green energy.

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