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A one stop supplier strategy can work

In manufacturing, a one-stop supplier strategy can work in everyone’s favour

If an industry is going to flourish, it needs a quality-controlled supply network. Renewable energy producers in particular need end products that are safe, reliable and built to last. PES asks Rolf Schäfer (Dipl.-Phys.), owner of Robeko, about the challenges and benefits of entering the solar-power supply chain.


PES: Can you explain a little about your company and what you offer the renewable energy industry?

Rolf Schäfer: Robeko is a European trade and manufacturing organisation based in southwest Germany. Since its foundation in 2002, Robeko has become a respected member of the market in all its various fields of activity.

Robeko is strictly focused on the supply of thin-film deposition components and services. These components are widely used in the production of solar cells and solar absorber coatings, as well as other industries such as glass and tool coating, decorative, low friction and automotive.

Robeko follows a one-stop supplier strategy, supplying all relevant equipment and services for building thin-film coating machines. Through a network of partners, robeko is able to combine the different aspects of its product portfolio and consistently offer the highest technical standards, in cost-effective packages.

Robeko works with leading technology partners such as Gencoa, Sputtering Components Inc, Seren IPS, Technipower, Magpuls and Process Materials to produce and supply a wide range of products. These include:

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