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Wind not cars will use most steel claims MEP

The European wind power industry could replace the automotive sector as the biggest user of steel by 2020, a Green MEP has claimed.

Luxemburg MEP Claude Turmes, who helped a report calling for massive investment in renewables reach almost unanimous backing by the industry committee of the European Parliament, said the legislation would lead to massive growth of the renewables industry.


The committee agreed to commit to increasing the share of renewables in energy consumption to 20 per cent by 2020.

MEPs in the committee voted for the final report, which included support for a supergrid, by 50 votes to two.

Among the 35 amendments was the proposal to ban the installation of windfarms on peat land.

Scottish MEP Alyn Smith, who sits on the industry committee, said that the grid proposal would benefit Scotland massively but was dismissive of the ban on peat land amendment proposed by Scottish MEP Conservative Struan Stevenson.

Mr Smith said: “Scotland stands to benefit massively from the increased capacity for renewables this grid will enable.”