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Wattmanufactur GmbH & Co. KG Opens Germany’s Largest Solar Parkwith Single-axis Tracking Featuring M88H Inverters from Delta Electronics

Wattmanufactur GmbH & Co. KG, a long-standing partner of Delta Electronics, opened the Lottorf Solar Park on July 30, 2021 with the Germany federal party chairman Dr. Robert Habeck (Bündnis 90/die Grünen) in attendance. The 10 MWp solar park in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg/Schleswig-Holstein is currently the largest ground-mounted photovoltaic system in Germany with a single-axis tracker system that follows the sun from east to west. Compared to conventional static installations, this innovative solar park generates significantly more energy in the morning and evening hours with the help of 23,184 bifacial solar modules, thus exhibiting more consistent power production throughout the day. The Lottorf Solar Park also complies with the latest grid connection guidelines and can make an important contribution to grid stability by providing reactive power during the day and at night.

After 4 months of construction, the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act)-eligible photovoltaic open space was connected to the grid of Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG. In the coming year, the total output of the ecologically designed solar park will be expanded by another 7 megawatts of rated output, bringing the total to 17 MWp. The Lottorf Solar Park will then generate around 20 million kilowatt hours annually and supply around 5,700 households with renewable energy.

Due to the excellent experience with Delta Electronics, Wattmanufactur GmbH & Co. KG also decided to install the M88H inverter from Delta Electronics in this ground-mounted photovoltaic system. Delta Electronics was chosen as a supplier due to the excellent M88H product performance and efficiency of 98.8 %, but also owing to its excellent partnership and professional competent cooperation from past projects. The 92 Delta M88H_122 inverters installed have a total inverter output of 7360 kW.