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Spanish storm spurs turbines into overdrive

Wind power supplied a record 43 percent of all electricity demand in rain and wind-lashed Spain for a brief period on November 23.

Spanish wind farms generated 9,253 megawatts of the total demand of 21,264 megawatts at around 5 am, a moment when energy usage was low because most Spaniards were still asleep.


The previous record of 40.8 percent was set in March, also during a stormy day.

Wind power generated a maximum of 10,263 megawatts in Spain shortly after noon on Monday, compared to the production record of 10,880 megawatts set in April.

The energy source will likely account for nearly 11 percent of all electricity demand in Spain during all of 2008.

Spain, along with Germany and Denmark, is among the three biggest producers of wind power in the European Union. It aims to triple the amount of energy it derives from renewable sources by 2020.