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Framo strengthens sustainable aquaculture focus

Equipment supplier LiftUP has become part of leading pump manufacturer Framo, strengthening the company’s focus within sustainable aquaculture.
LiftUP, with its competence within sludge collection from open cages and unique patented dead fish system, fits like a glove with Framo’ s AquaStream systems. This acquisition by Alfa Laval develops an attractive aquaculture product portfolio and creates a sustainable growth platform for the future. LiftUP will, at the same time, gain access to Framo’s competence in pumps and Alfa Laval’s expertise in separation technology, explains Martijn Bergink, managing director of Framo.

Located outside Bergen on the west coast of Norway, LiftUP manufactures, sells, and installs pumps and cleaning equipment for removal of dead fish, waste, and sludge from open cages. LiftUP is a leading supplier of this type of equipment. The company has gained a solid position within the aquaculture industry, an industry which is increasingly focusing on sustainable salmon production.

LiftUP has experienced tremendous growth and we are incredibly happy to have Framo as our new home. With their competence we will be able to develop and further improve our sludge collection system, states Liam Heffernan, manager of LiftUP.

Framo has already developed a system that replaces water to improve oxygen levels and temperature inside closed and semi-closed facilities. The AquaStream system for open cage facilities significantly improving the environment in cages with lice skirts installed. This system contributes to increased growth as well as reducing or eliminating problems connected with sea lice, diseases and algae. AquaStream will be made even more sustainable together with the solutions from LiftUP.

Framo aims to be the leading supplier of systems meeting current and future aquaculture industry challenges. Through close collaboration with fish farmers, the products and systems we have developed for both open and closed facilities have been very well received by the industry. With LiftUP on our team we now have access to leading technology that is perfectly suitable for our focus within sustainable aquaculture, revealed Oddbjørn Jacobsen, director of Framo Innovation.

Framo AS is a pump manufacturer based at the west coast of Norway. The company has three factories and a large service facility in Norway. Framo was established in 1938 and is now a worldwide organization with offices in eight different countries on three different continents. The company has approximately 1,350 employees and is a leading manufacturer of pumping systems for the tanker market and the offshore industry. In addition, Framo manufactures offshore windmill suction anchors, and solutions fish farming. Framo AS is a part of the Alfa Laval Group and the Bergen area is head office regarding marine pumping systems.

LiftUP AS manufactures, sells and commissions equipment for removing dead fish, sludge and other waste from cages. LiftUP was the first company to launch these effective cleaning systems. In the last years they have made considerable investments in developing sludge collecting systems for fish cages. The compressed waste is stored in tanks which are shipped to a biogas facility, where it is converted to renewable energy and a high-grade fertilizer.

Visit: www.framo.com for more information.