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Vital Hotel Flora, a 4-star spa hotel located in the Dolomite Valleys in Trentino, Northern Italy has worked with EPC, Dolomiti Energia Solutions, and tier one inverter supplier, FIMER, to install a 64KW rooftop solar PV system, which will produce an estimated 75,000 kWh of clean energy and save 48 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

The installation is also the first project to use FIMER’s new range of three-phase string inverter solutions for commercial and industrial applications – the PVS-10/33-TL – which were launched in early 2021.

For the hotel, which is located in an area of extreme natural beauty in Maso da Pont in Stenico, Trentino and is surrounded by the greenery of Valle Salus, the installation is an important step in its increasingly eco-friendly offer as more tourists seek accommodation that has high sustainability credentials.

In addition, with energy costs and consumption for hotels increasing – recent figures from the ICET Index[1] (Indice Costo Energia Terziario) reported that on average, a hotel can spend 59,200 Euros on energy annually – Vital Hotel Flora wanted a solution that could help it both reduce its energy costs as well as the carbon impact on its surrounding environment.

The 64KW solar array and PVS-33-TL inverters will help it achieve these goals, by reducing its energy bills by 50% and saving 48 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. It will also enable it to become more self-sufficient, with the installation providing the majority of the hotel’s energy supply.

With most advanced in-built digital capabilities, FIMER’s PVS-33-TL inverter is designed for simplicity. It is flexible enough to fit anywhere and can be easily installed in new or existing plants to provide lower installation and maintenance costs. It is also quick to install, and fast to commission and the fuse-free design removes the need for maintenance and on-site interventions.

Leonardo Botti, Managing Director Commercial and Industrial business line at FIMER, said:

“Working on this project in collaboration with Dolomiti Energia demonstrates how effective solar PV can be in helping the hotel sector – historically perceived as a large energy consumer – to respond the growing demand for sustainable services from its customers.

“Our new PVS-33-TL inverter is the perfect solution to allow Vital Hotel Flora to lower its energy costs and consumption, increase its efficiency and significantly reduce its impact on its surrounding environment. We hope that a project like this will be the start of many other initiatives to help increase sustainability in the hotel and accommodation sector.”

Andrea Demozzi, Managing Director of Dolomiti Energia Solutions, said, “We are proud that Vital Hotel Flora chose us as its sustainability partner to provide the solar PV system for its Comano Terme property. We are committed to working with our business customers to make the most of their real estate assets and deliver the best environmental benefits.

“We chose to work with FIMER as it has a proven track record in delivering innovative, quality solutions to enable the customer to achieve the highest energy yield from the installation, while also ensuring that they meet their goals of reducing emissions and energy use.”

“Sustainability, both environmental and social, is a value which we believe deeply in. Therefore, we are thrilled to be able to install a solar PV system that will enable us to generate electricity from renewable sources”, comments the Management of Vital Hotel Flora. “This is a very important project and the technical support from Dolomiti Energia Solutions gave us the confidence in the quality of the solutions used and all those who designed and installed the system. Thank you all!”