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DuPont Releases Comparative Testing Results of PV Backsheet Materials

As the leading global supplier of materials to the PV industry, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions knows how much materials matter towards ensuring long-term system reliability. That’s why we are completing extensive testing to determine how material performance relates to and can ultimately benefit module performance.

To date, DuPont has tested a broad range of commercially available backsheet constructions, including several that contain Tedlar® and many competitive backsheets that do not. Each was evaluated on a range of critical properties, exposure tests, and a visual inspection, using the same structure and same conditions for a true side-by-side comparison.

The results speak for themselves: Under normal, as well as extreme UV and damp heat exposure, Tedlar® resists delamination, yellowing and degradation that compromise other backsheet materials.

Find out more about the detailed test results and background.