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Ad Hoc announcement pursuant to article 53 LR

Meyer Burger to develop 400 MW high-performance solar module manufacturing facility in the U.S.

Favorable market conditions, growth opportunities, and policy support for the solar industry informed Meyer Burger’s decision to establish a production site in the United States
Initial production is expected to be 400 megawatts (MW) of annual nominal capacity by the end of 2022, with the potential for multiple gigawatts expansion in the future
At full capacity, the facility will provide hundreds of skilled manufacturing jobs
Discussions with U.S. states are ongoing, and the final site selection is expected by year-end 2021
Procurement of all machinery and equipment for the U.S. plant is taking place in parallel with final site selection to enable rapid scale-up of production
Meyer Burger Technology AG announced today that the company plans to establish a production site for high-performance solar modules in the United States. This investment is in line with Meyer Burger’s commitments to produce modules near end-customers, source material from regional suppliers, and improve overall sustainability by reducing transportation emissions and optimizing the carbon footprint of the company’s solar modules. This approach also reduces supply chain delays and provides flexibility and resilience for Meyer Burger’s customers.

The company is currently in discussions with several U.S. states to determine the final site location. A decision is expected by year-end 2021. The decision to continue to expand the company’s solar energy supply chain to the U.S. is supported by a strong domestic solar market, positive economic policy conditions, and Meyer Burger’s desire to support the U.S. clean energy transition. The initial production capacity will be 400 MW – with potential for further growth to multiple gigawatts capacity – and will include capabilities to manufacture solar modules for residential, commercial/industrial rooftop, and utility-scale applications. Production is expected to be operational by the end of 2022, and, at full capacity, the new facility is expected to employ hundreds of skilled manufacturing workers.

“Meyer Burger is thrilled to be expanding our production footprint to the U.S.”, said CEO Gunter Erfurt. “The United States has a rich history in the solar industry. The world’s first photovoltaic production facility was established in California in the 1970s – well ahead of Europe and Asia. Now it is time to return to the industry’s roots and help end dependency on offshore imports. Our proprietary Heterojunction cell technology and patented SmartWire module technology enable us to produce the highest quality and highest performance products for economically competitive solar energy for our customers.”

Meyer Burger is considering a shortlist of several U.S. states for the company’s facility. Key criteria for site selection include existing facilities, regulatory, and tax frameworks, state and local economic development programs, available skilled workforce capacity, proximity to transportation infrastructure, renewable power supply, and local community commitment.

Ardes Johnson, President of Meyer Burger Americas, added: “With this strategic expansion, Meyer Burger will produce the world’s premier solar panels right here in the U.S., unlocking access to clean energy consumers crave. We are encouraged by bipartisan support for domestic manufacturing of solar infrastructure to secure true energy independence and control of our future. It is critical for the U.S. to develop its domestic supply chain and de-risk itself from heavy dependence on Asia. We are excited to contribute to this important goal and are ready to tackle the rapidly increasing demand for clean energy.”

About Meyer Burger Technology Ltd

Meyer Burger has started production of high-performance solar cells and solar modules in 2021. Its proprietary heterojunction/SmartWire technology enables the company to set new industry standards in terms of energy yield. With solar cells and modules developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany according to high sustainability standards, Meyer Burger aims to become a leading European photovoltaic company. The company currently employs around 800 people at research facilities in Switzerland, development and manufacturing sites in Germany and sales offices in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Meyer Burger was founded in 1953 in Switzerland. As a provider of production systems, the company has shaped the development of the global photovoltaic industry along the entire value chain in recent decades and has set essential industry standards. A large part of the solar modules produced worldwide today are based on technologies developed by Meyer Burger.