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Zhejiang Hongchen purchases even more solar metallization lines from DEK

Following last year’s purchase of several PV1200 photovoltaic metallization lines from DEK Solar in 2009, Zhejiang Hongchen has started the New Year extremely positively by purchasing more lines from the screen printing specialist. Selected as part of Hongchen’s drive to substantially increase cell production through 2010 and beyond, the DEK lines are renowned for their ability to offer a productivity, cost and lead-time advantage.

As DEK’s original award-winning photovoltaic metallization line, the PV1200 is equipped to deliver 1200 wafers per hour throughput for high speed, repeatable solar cell production. Also offering a range of advanced features including dedicated handling for thin wafers, the DEK Solar line ensures low breakage rates for maximum yield, in addition to high-speed machine vision capabilities. In addition to its high throughput rate, the PV1200 has established its reputation on credentials including a six-sigma process rating and 12.5 micron resolution – all backed up by DEK’s worldwide service and support infrastructure.

Commenting on the PV1200’s ability to extend the capabilities of industry-leading companies such as Hongchen, DEK’s Alternative Energies Business Manager Darren Brown explains: “We’re delighted to be stepping up our highly successful business partnership with Zhejiang Hongchen. When we first began working with the company in 2009, it was clear that their desire to quickly and efficiently ramp up solar cell production could be easily achieved by the PV1200. Since then, we’ve worked with the team to ensure successful implementation and meet every PV manufacturing challenge as Hongchen extends its solar business and passes on the advantages of optimised production to their customers. We look forward to seeing the results in 2010 and beyond!”

Hongchen’s Vice President of Operation, Mr. Xiang Xiao Long, adds: “We’re very pleased with the service and technology we’ve received from DEK Solar – as evidenced by our purchase of more PV1200 lines! As a world-class solar cell producer, it’s imperative that our suppliers are able to meet our advanced manufacturing requirements. Thanks to DEK, now we can not only be sure that we have a technological edge when it comes to solar cell production, but we can also operate safe in the knowledge that we have the support we need to maximise uptime going forward. Here at Hongchen, we’re excited to be extending our capacity even further and look forward to being in an exceptionally strong position to meet the growing demands of our customers.”