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Working With Sunshine Merck Kgaa At Photons 6th Photovoltaic Technology Show 2010 Europe

For the first time, Merck KGaA will be presenting its photovoltaics product portfolio under the heading “Working with SunshineTM” at PHOTON’s 6th Photovoltaic Technology Show 2010 Europe (Stuttgart, April 27-29).

The main focus of Merck’s presentation will be the eco-friendly isishape® range of printable etching pastes. These highly efficient products are designed for smart and simple structuring in the photovoltaic industry. They can selectively etch antireflective coatings (e.g. SiNx) and passivation layers (e.g. SiO2) on solar cells, as well as on transparent conductive materials (e.g. indium tin oxide). Formulations are available for various printing methods such as screen-printing and dispensing. With isishape SolarResistTM, diffusion barriers can even be applied using contactless inkjet printing as an alternative to more expensive conventional methods.
A prototype of newly designed equipment for edge isolation of crystalline silicon wafers, jointly developed by Schiller Automation and Merck, will also be making its debut at the event. It is designed to cut solar cell production costs per watt and uses isishape SolarEtch® SiD from Merck.

The new photovoltaic range from Merck, will be presented for the first time under the heading “Working with SunshineTM” at the show. For organic solar cells, Merck offers lisicon® printable polymers in ready-to-use formulations for higher efficiencies and lower costs and livilux® advanced organic charge transport materials. For dye-sensitized solar cells, the portfolio includes livilux® and an innovative selection of Ionic Liquids that enhance the longevity and electrochemical properties of electrolyte systems while providing low viscosity. Additionally Solarpur® chemicals are dedicated process chemicals for photovoltaic applications.

On April 28, Dr. Volker Hilarius, Photovoltaics Project Manager at Merck, will give a brief overview of Merck’s program for photovoltaic materials in the company presentation area of the exhibition (Hall 4).

This year, Merck will be at Stand J1 in Hall 4 in Stuttgart. As always, the Merck team of experts will be on hand throughout to discuss the company’s photovoltaic products in detail with experts, manufacturers and interested visitors.

Around 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors are expected to attend the three-day Photovoltaic Technology Show. Last year, the show attracted industry experts from 45 countries. The organizers are Photon International, publishers of the world’s leading photovoltaic journal.