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Winds of change: Ampelmann signs two E1000 systems to drive growth in Taiwan’s offshore wind market

Ampelmann, the Dutch offshore access provider, has signed a new contract for two E1000 systems to work in Taiwan onboard two multipurpose support vessels to provide accommodation and walk to work services for end client Vestas Taiwan. The E1000 systems have been signed to assist in turbine commissioning. This new contract reaffirms Ampelmann’s position in helping to grow the offshore wind market in Taiwan.

The first E1000 began work in January 2024 and the second E1000 is due to begin work in May 2024. This combination of the E1000 systems and client’s vessels has a proven track record of operating in Taiwan’s offshore wind farms since 2022 and has successfully worked through two winter seasons. These latest projects contribute to Taiwan’s renewable energy targets and Ampelmann’s commitment to these markets.

The E1000 motion compensated system is based off the proven technology of Ampelmann’s E-type system, but with the added capacity to handle cargo of up to 1,000kg. The system is able to compensate for waves up to 4.5m Hs and has the ability to change from people to cargo transfer mode in less than one minute.

“We look forward to working with our client and Vestas Taiwan on both projects. Ampelmann is committed to providing safe access for personnel and cargo for offshore wind projects in Taiwan,” says Ramesh Namasivayam, Business Development Manager Asia Pacific.

Note to editor

Ampelmann is the leading offshore access provider that delivers safe and efficient access solutions to the global offshore energy sector. Its innovative approach to offshore access has propelled the company forwards as a key global player with strong local presences in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Ampelmann’s diverse portfolio of modular and energy efficient gangways is tailored to meet every local and global demand, providing reliable and consistent access to offshore installations in a variety of sea states and weather conditions.

The company’s growing fleet of gangway systems includes solutions for crew change, cargo and decommissioning operations in the offshore oil and gas, wind and floating wind markets. The company operates on a full-service business model and provides its renting and buying clients with trained operators, 24/7 operational support and digital management tools to improve uptime and ensure maximum efficiency during offshore operations.

For questions or more information, reach out to Mina Nacheva, Manager Inside Sales and Marketing, at mina.nacheva@ampelmann.nl.