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Uniting Forces: Chemitek Solar and SolarCleano invite their Ambassadors to share experiences at Intersolar Europe 2024

Chemitek Solar and SolarCleano are pleased to announce their collaborative participation at Intersolar Europe 2024, alongside their esteemed ambassadors. The event, slated to take place in Munich, Germany from June 19th to 21st, 2024, marks a significant moment in the solar industry as the leading companies join hands to showcase their innovations and foster industry-wide collaboration with the presence of their main Ambassadors.

Chemitek Solar and SolarCleano’s collaboration at Intersolar Europe 2024 underscores their commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the solar industry. By joining forces with their esteemed ambassadors, they aim to amplify their impact, share insights, and forge valuable connections with industry peers and potential clients. The presence of their main Ambassadors will allow the sharing of experiences in the first person with the visitors, providing valuable insight to the most efficient ways of using and combining Chemitek Solar and SolarCleano’s solutions.

Parallel to the event, the companies will feature daily product demonstrations on a nearby PV plant, highlighting SolarCleano’s B1, F1 and M1 robots alongside Chemitek Solar’s innovative cleaning agents and soiling mitigation coatings. Attendees are encouraged to participate in these demonstrations to gain valuable real-world use of the latest advancements in solar cleaning technology.

In addition to product demonstrations, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussion sessions and podcast episodes for the Solar Cleaners Network. These sessions will provide a platform for sharing expertise, discussing industry trends, and fostering knowledge exchange within the solar cleaning community.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with SolarCleano and our esteemed ambassadors to showcase our latest innovations at Intersolar Europe 2024,” said Bruno Queiroz, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Chemitek Solar. “This event presents an unparalleled opportunity to display the added value of combining the solutions of both companies, connect with industry professionals, showcase our problem-solving capabilities, and drive innovation in the solar industry.”

“We are looking forward to collaborate with Chemitek Solar as well as our valued ambassadors at Intersolar Europe 2024,” announced Romain Gourmet, Head of Global Sales at SolarCleano. “This long-term partnership allows us to combine our strengths and resources. With our SolarCleano robots working on perfect unison with Chemitek’s cleaning agents and antisoiling coatings, we are helping cleaners globally to enhance solar efficiency! We are determined to convince all participants in Intersolar Europe 2024”

Intersolar Europe 2024 promises to be an eventful and impactful occasion, with Chemitek Solar, SolarCleano, and their esteemed ambassadors leading the way towards a more efficient and educated solar cleaning industry.

For more information about Chemitek Solar and SolarCleano’s participation at Intersolar Europe 2024, please contact:

Sandra Pereira | Chemitek Solar | sandrapereira@chemitek.pt | (+351) 965 841 233
Loris Sablone | SolarCleano | ls@solarcleano.com | (+352) 691 130 692

About ChemiTek Solar: ChemiTek Solar, based in Portugal, is the leading chemical company specializing in innovative and biodegradable contaminants removal agents and soiling mitigation coatings for the Solar industry. With a full range of certified for solar, by TÜV Sud, and environmentally friendly products, ChemiTek Solar strives to optimize solar energy production, reduce the O&M costs of solar installations, and promote water conservation.

About SolarCleano: SolarCleano is a robotics company in Luxembourg specializing in innovative solar panel cleaning solutions. With expertise in mechanical design and extensive cleaning experience, SolarCleano offers tailored solutions to industry challenges. Operating globally, their robotic systems cleaned over 32 GW of solar installations since 2017. As SolarCleano expands, the company transitions into a service and robotics firm, utilizing automation and AI for predictive maintenance, aiming to revolutionize the solar industry sustainably.