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The new SunKIC – The First Profiler Specifically Designed for Solar Cell Manufacturing

San Diego – August 2009 – KIC, the leader of thermal process development and control products, and winner of multiple industry awards, announces the SunKIC version 1.1.0, a thermal profiler that is specifically designed for the unique needs and challenges of the PV industry.


The SunKIC benefits from several hardware and software innovations that help solar cell manufacturers acquire insightful data on their thermal processes.

The compact form factor (19 millimeter/0.75″ tall thermal shield) enables the SunKIC to accommodate the tight width and height restrictions of the metallization furnace tunnel clearance, and the flexible, easy-to-use graphical navigation software makes for quick and convenient profiling. Exceptionally powerful analytical software helps users study and improve upon all the important aspects of the time-temperature profile, and also accommodates numerous current and future needs. Additionally, it performs 20 readings per second and displays all relevant process data such as peak temperature, dwell time in various temperature ranges, slope gradients and more.

The SunKIC software also measures “the area under the curve” at any given temperature level to further help users analyze the recorded profile. As an additional benefit, standard type K thermocouples may be used with all traditional methods such as cemented onto the wafer’s surface, weighted thermocouples pushed onto the wafer’s surface, and a dummy wafer.

KIC’s Process Window Index (PWI) instantly confirms whether the profile is acceptable. The SunKIC comes standard with a prediction feature that helps solar cell manufacturers improve upon furnace set points as well as their thermal process in general.

The SunKIC, which is backed by 24/7 customer support and an unrivaled worldwide team of field service engineers, is designed to provide maximum value and fast payback by streamlining users’ thermal processes.

Based in San Diego Calif., KIC is the industry leader in automated thermal management tools and systems. The company pioneered the development of oven profilers and process development tools, and then worked to create the next generation of thermal systems to help manufacturers optimize and monitor thermal processes.
In addition to the SunKIC profiler, KIC is the inventor of the e-Clipse TC attachment fixture and the Spectrum process otimization software for solar.

Contact Information:
Allene Bailey, KIC
+1(858) 673-6050
E-mail: abailey@kicmail.com
Web Site: www.kicthermal.com