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The first N-type PV project in Greece with 62MW of rectangular modules is delivered by DAS Solar

Top-tier solar PV manufacturer DAS Solar, in partnership with SmartSun, the leading Greece PV project design and construction company, has shipped 62 MW of high-efficiency N-type rectangular modules to a solar PV project in Greece.

As one of the most sunny countries globally, Greece boasts a typical Mediterranean climate. Greece passed its first National Climate Law in May 2022, mandating that greenhouse gas emissions be reduced by 55% by 2030, 80% by 2040, and zero emissions by 2050.

Designed with optimal dimensions, DAS Solar N-type rectangular modules offer benefits in efficiency, power output, manufacturing, processes, and transportation, resulting in lower system BOS costs and lower LCOE. DAS Solar is dedicated to continuous exploration and rigorous research in N-type technology, consistently surpassing industry standards in cell and module efficiency. Through continuous scientific and technological innovation, DAS Solar has broken world records 3 times in 8 months in 2023. Equipped with DAS Solar’s cutting-edge TOPCon 4.0 plus cell technology, DAS Solar’s average mass production efficiency has reached 26.55% currently.

SmartSun was founded in 2010 with the main motive of creating and offering in society the best energy solutions. Currently, the company has extensive industry experience in the construction of renewable energy projects. It is expected that the project will produce 98,844,000 kWh of electricity per year, contributing to Greece’s sustainable development and energy structure transformation.

As one of the Top 10 companies for global PV module shipments, DAS Solar actively pursues a low-carbon mission throughout their entire lifecycle, including raw material supply, manufacturing line processes, module manufacture, and transportation. DAS Solar not only received ECS Footprint certification, but also has been awarded 2023 PV Tech’s Best ESG Performing Company and Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise for passing the transparent supply chain audit by the renowned third-party organization STS. This demonstrates outstanding performance in the traceability management system.

China is Greece’s fourth-largest trading partner. The company has established warehouses and logistics systems in Thessaloniki, Greece, providing convenient and efficient services for the Balkan region. In the future, DAS Solar will offer global customers a reliable assurance of long-term optimal value with a global and localized marketing network and services.