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Survitec HeliPPE, a leading brand of global Survival Technology solutions provider Survitec, has secured a multi-year contract for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from Swire Renewable Energy, a global service provider in the wind industry. This partnership is set to significantly support Swire’s offshore operations in Europe and reinforce their commitment to prioritising technician health and safety.

Under the new agreement, Swire technicians will be equipped with a harness and Hansen Protection Seabreeze, a constant wear one-hour SOLAS and ISO-approved work suit for tough and demanding environments.

Technicians will also receive a Crewsaver ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket designed for the offshore wind industry, for vessel transfer, and for working-at-height on the turbine. The ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket is an ergonomic constant-wear solution with uncompromising in-water protection, including its fast-rotating inflation bladder and the EXOLOK cylinder retention system.

Chief Executive Officer of Survitec HeliPPE Mads Enemark Nørgreen said, “This contract marks a significant milestone for Survitec HeliPPE, demonstrating our ability to provide full-service offshore wind PPE solutions.

“We have an established logistics network to deliver on the contract requirements. Our asset management portal and app were key factors in Swire Renewable Energy selecting Survitec HeliPPE as their preferred and trusted PPE partner. This, combined with our quality products, full-service flexibility, and fast response times, sets us apart.”

Jørn Steffensen, Procurement & Fleet Specialist at Swire Renewable Energy, stated, “Easy access to high-quality, fully serviced PPE, along with the ability to track and manage our requirements and certificates for both project managers and technicians, were crucial in selecting Survitec HeliPPE. This agreement ensures that our technicians have the best safety equipment and provides us with the strategic advantage of scalability, allowing us to meet our PPE needs flexibly and conveniently as they arise.”

Through a comprehensive subscription model, Swire Renewable Energy will benefit from an integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ solution, strategically enhancing its PPE asset management. Swire coordinators will gain streamlined access to project management via the Survitec HeliPPE system, enabling efficient oversight of technicians, certifications, and orders. Additionally, technicians will have access to the Survitec HeliPPE app for seamless viewing of their orders and certifications, further optimising operational efficiency and providing a convenient and reliable service.

Subscription-based models have revolutionised many industries, providing end users greater control and convenience. Now, this approach extends to PPE, offering state-of-the-art equipment on demand.

Reconfiguring PPE requirements becomes effortless with a subscription-based model, offering multiple benefits to the offshore industry. This includes minimising downtime by ensuring technicians and crew have readily available, serviced PPE and necessary documentation. The flexibility to scale up or down supply without delays further enhances operational efficiency.

This model is particularly vital for wind energy companies, ensuring safe operations in harsh climates without the need for managing, warehousing, and financing PPE.


Under a new agreement, Survitec HeliPPE will provide PPE to Swire technicians in the European renewable energy sector. Technicians working offshore will be equipped with a harness and Hansen Protection Seabreeze work suit. Technicians will also receive a Crewsaver ErgoFit SOLAS lifejacket.

About Survitec

Survitec is a global Survival Technology leader to the maritime, defence & government, aerospace and energy sectors. Survitec has over 3,000 employees worldwide, covering 11 manufacturing facilities and over 400 service centres. They operate in over 2,000 ports, spanning 96 countries. Survitec are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of liferaft, Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and offshore rental PPE. They are a leading supplier of fire solutions to the maritime industry and hold a market leading position for Pilot Flight Equipment in the aerospace & defence market. The Survitec team live by their purpose “We Exist to Protect Lives”. Throughout its long history, Survitec has remained at the forefront of innovation, design and application engineering and is the trusted name when it comes to critical safety and survival solutions.