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Sunova Solar becomes Thornova Solar

To standardise its branding globally, Sunova Solar has decided to unite with its sister brand Thornova Solar already used by the company in North America and Mexico. Thornova, based on the Norse pantheon hero Thor, represents perfectly the company values and is hence a valued namesake.

As the ever-growing, innovative and expanding company that we are, we will standardise our branding globally, reflecting our core values in our brand name.

Thor, one of the great legends of the Norse pantheon, was considered the protector of humankind and planet Earth, the master of the weather and electrical power. As climate change is one of the most dramatic challenges of our time, with our solar modules we want to contribute to the preservation and defence of a planet worth living on. With this in mind, we have decided to move past the Sunova Solar brand and continue our future as Thornova Solar.

Our latest high-density PV panels stand for exceptional electricity production and are used in applications ranging from floating solar systems to lowlands and alpine altitudes.

Recent studies around the world have shown that large solar farms not only convert sunlight into electricity, but could also promote cloud formation and thus rain in desert regions – a clear Thor attribute to protecting our planet, which is also reflected in our ambitious vision to become one of the world’s leading green energy providers in the PV business.

In addition, Thor’s personality traits, such as positively admitting mistakes, facing challenges head-on, embracing change as an opportunity for growth, and seeing people as the most important assets, perfectly reflect our core company principles. Thornova Solar is committed to embracing change, working as a team, being strong, being bold, being ambitious and being our own heroes. Together with our mission to become the most customer-centric energy enterprise, this makes us a trustworthy and sustainable long-term partner for our customers and all other stakeholders alike.

The full transition to the Thornova Solar brand will be definitive and smooth. In the coming months, our two brands —Sunova Solar and Thornova Solar— will co-exist in our corporate communications as a reminder of our origins, an expression of our development, and a confirmation of our commitment to our customers to provide the on-going best technical support.

All committments and contracts as well as the warranties and their insurances that were entered into under the Sunova Solar brand name remain valid without restriction.

About Sunova / Thornova Solar

Sunova Solar and Thornova Solar are Tier 1 players, focusing on energy solutions and the design and manufacture of renewable energy components, such as photovoltaic modules, solar cells, inverters and solar battery storage solutions.

Our R&D team focuses on constantly developing innovative solar technology for the distributed generation rooftop and utility scale ground mounted solar markets.

With our state-of-the-art automated production facilities, we deliver the reliability and performance you and your customers expect. Our local warehousing and logistics support across the globe ensure your projects are installed on time, every time.

Currently, Sunova Solar operates 4 manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam and is building 2 more factories. By the end of 2024, we will have a fully opera­tional capacity of 10 GW of PV modules and 9 GW of solar cells. All our operations in China are located outside of the Xinjiang area.

For further information please contact

Andrea Bodenhagen

Global Branding Director