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Stronger Together at the Company Cup in Annecy

Asslar, Germany, July 21, 2023. At the annual Company Cup in Annecy (France), employees from large European companies compete in various sporting events. The biggest team this year was from Pfeiffer Vacuum and Busch Vacuum Solutions.

During the 10th edition of the Company Cup, a total of 3,300 athletes from 90 companies participated. Pfeiffer Vacuum and Busch Vacuum Solutions had more than 200 employees from a total of 10 countries: from France, Germany and Switzerland, of course, but also from the USA, China and South Korea. Under the motto “One Team. One Goal,” they competed in various sports and won the silver medal in football, handball and the city trail. The biathlon and dragon boating teams each took home bronze.

“I was particularly pleased that you could no longer see who belonged to which company. Everyone wore the same jersey; the individual teams were mixed. We were one,” said Sami Busch, Co-CEO and co-owner of Busch Vacuum Solutions, enthusiastically as he cheered on the dragon boat in front of the wonderful Alpine scenery on Lake Annecy with employees.

And so the two corporate colors, red and orange mixed when cheering on the teams, celebrating a scored goal, during the victory dance, and again and again, the chant “Pfeiffer, Busch, Pfeiffer, Busch” was heard. Dr. Britta Giesen, CEO of Pfeiffer Vacuum, also traveled to Annecy to support the joint team: “Just like in sports, we complement each other perfectly in business. Competing together as a team brings us even closer together. Across national and language borders.”

In this way, the Busch Pfeiffer Vacuum team is the best example of the motto of this year’s Company Cup: “Stronger Together.”