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Stäubli invests in innovative technology for the future of a safe solar industry

Allschwil/Switzerland, September 19, 2023 − As a global market leader in solar connection solutions and a renowned player in industrial automation, Stäubli gets involved in innovative Computer Vision, AI, and robotics solutions development with the California-based OnSight Technology.

Active since the early beginning of the Photovoltaic industry, Stäubli is a pioneer for durable and robust PV DC connectors. The Original MC4 PV connector has set the industry benchmark and is currently the most installed worldwide, connecting more than 50 % of the global PV capacity. Based on Stäubli’s long-lasting expertise, the company is committed to sharing its knowledge and investing in future technology to increase safety in the solar industry.


OnSight Technology is a leading US specialist for Computer Vision, AI, and robotics developing innovative teleoperations solutions in large-scale PV plants. With its many years of experience in the solar industry and the technological know-how in Computer Vision, autonomous unmanned ground robots, and AI OnSight Technology aims to revolutionize operation and maintenance in utility-scale solar farms.

Onsight’s application is based on driverless robots with Computer Vision capabilities and AI-based analysis


Pairing both parties’ experience in the PV industry, and combining the specialized know-how of OnSight Technology with Stäubli’s longstanding reputation as industry leasers they will design and develop cutting-edge solutions to ease operation and maintenance in large-scale, ground-mounted PV plants by mitigating risks and ensuring safe performance and returns.

The OnSight solution moves through large PV plants …

Stäubli Electrical Connectors’ Executive President Franco Delvecchio emphasizes: “This is a strategic investment for us, and we are thrilled to get involved in the development of OnSight Technology’s cutting-edge solutions. Innovation is part of Stäubli’s DNA to push forward future-oriented technologies to make our customers’ operations easier and safer.”


… enabling data capture beneath the solar modules


Photovoltaics is at the forefront of all renewable energy sources with substantial annual growth of more than 20 %. It is up to the stakeholders to contribute to a safe and economically efficient PV ecosystem. The Stäubli PV DC connectors and eBOS solutions are the lifelines of any PV system. The constant, reliable, and long-term energy transmission ensures a safe electricity supply and safe returns.


Matthias Mack, VP of Renewable Energy at Stäubli amends: “With our proven track record in the photovoltaics industry and our longstanding experience, we feel that it’s our responsibility to invest in the future of safer solar farms. We are very excited to participate in the development projects of OnSight Technology’s innovative solutions.”


“We are happy to have Stäubli onboard with its support and know-how to booster the development of our unmanned ground robots with Computer Vision capabilities and AI-based analysis”, explains Derek Chase,  CEO of OnSight Technology, “This partnership will broaden the functionality and services of our ground-breaking solutions.”