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Sputnik launches megawatt station

Biel, 16 July 2009. The Swiss manufacturer of solar inverters, Sputnik Engineering AG, is launching a new central inverter in October. The device with the name SolarMax 330C-SV (SV stands for special voltage) has a rated capacity of 330 kilowatts and works in the MPP range between 450 and 800 volts. As many as three SolarMax 330C-SVs can be combined in one megawatt station which can then be directly fed into the medium-voltage grid.


 With the service package MaxControl plant operators can extend their standard warranty agreement and be sure that Sputnik will immediately recognize and fix plant failures for 20 years. The megawatt station will be unveiled for the first time at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition EU PV SEC which will take place in Hamburg at the end of September.

In the new central inverter SolarMax 330C-SV Sputnik has eliminated the transformer. This technology has already proven itself in all of the Swiss manufacturer’s string inverters and in the new SolarMax S series of central inverters. Michael Ernst, the head of central inverter development at Sputnik, explains, “Transformerless engineering has enabled us to reduce the device’s size and weight by more than half and to cut costs by 15 percent.” The slimmed-down the SolarMax 330C-SV weighs in at only 1,200 kilograms. Another advantage of the transformerless technology is its enormous efficiency. The new device achieves 98 percent.

Like all other SolarMax inverters, the new device is TÜV type-tested. In addition, SolarMax 330C-SV meets the requirements contained in the BDEW [Federal Association of German Energy and Water Industries] medium voltage technical guideline (“Generating Plants Connected to the Medium-Voltage Network”), which has been in force in Germany since January 2009.

SolarMax 330C-SV Specifications

AC rated capacity
330 kW
MPP range
450 to 800 volts
Max. efficiency
98 percent
120 × 80 × 200cm

About Sputnik Engineering AG

Sputnik Engineering AG was founded in 1991 by Christoph von Bergen and Philipp Müller. Since then it has focused its activities exclusively on the development, sales and maintenance of inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. With the SolarMax series, the company – headquartered in Biel, Switzerland – offers a highly diverse product range of string inverters for single family houses and central inverters for solar power plants. Thanks to its many years of experience and constant optimisation of its products, Sputnik has developed devices distinguished by their state-of-the-art technology, high quality, reliability, maximum yields and very good value for the money.

Sputnik Engineering currently has around 250 employees at its Swiss headquarters as well in its subsidiaries in Neuhausen (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Milan (Italy), and Paris (France). This year they will produce SolarMax string and central inverters with a total output of 420 megawatts. Sputnik opened the new production facility for SolarMax string inverters in February of this year.

Sputnik Engineering AG
Höheweg 85
CH – 2502 Biel
Tel.: +41 (0) 32 346 5600
Fax. +41 (0) 32 346 5609