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Sputnik Engineering launches the MaxVisio touch-screen unit

MaxVisio displays the daily values of a photovoltaic plant in a single view. Sputnik Engineering launched the new display unit shortly before Christmas. It features a colour touch-screen and can be hung on the wall or placed on a desktop. It can display both the actual output of a photovoltaic plant as well as a record of its monthly, yearly, and total outputs. If the MaxMeteo sensor is also installed, the irradiation data and the solar cell temperatures can also be read. An integrated data logger stores the measurement values of as many as 20 inverters-for ten years. This means that the system values from the past can be compared with current data at anytime.

Via the Ethernet or the RS485 interface MaxVisio can be easily connected to the SolarMax inverters. Used as a stand-alone data logger for smaller photovoltaic plants without remote monitoring, the device displays both the data of the whole plant as well as the values of the individual inverters. In addition, MaxVisio can be used together with the Internet-based data logger MaxWeb as a local display unit. MaxWeb then automatically transfers the data of the PV plant to MaxVisio. This enables you to monitor the current state of your photovoltaic system and to monitor locally the yield data of the whole system at any time even without a PC.

Up-date data with a USB stick

What also makes the new MaxVisio an upgrate from its predecessor model is that Spunik has made it attractive enough for the living room and added a series of new features. As Andreas Burkhalter, Sputnik’s product manager, explains: “The new MaxVisio can be configured in various ways-either by using the colour touch screen, a USB mouse or a keyboard.” This is why the Swiss manufacturer built a USB interface into the display unit. And with a USB stick data can be read out, processed, backed up and up-dated. On its website Sputnik regularly makes available the latest software updates as free downloads.

The display’s colour-red, yellow or green-is an immediate indication of the PV plant’s status. Faults which have continued for longer periods of time are indicated by MaxVisio by an acoustic signal. The user interface of the new display unit is available from your SolarMax dealer in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.


Dimensions (L x H x W)

160 mm x 160 mm x 40 mm


600 g

Installation type

Wall-mounted or desktop

Protective type


Power supply

Power adapter 230VAC/ 15VDC (included in the delivery)

New from the end of January: MaxConnect 12/16 plus

The new MaxConnect 12/16 plus generator connection box is lighter, smaller, less expensive and more attractive than its predecessor model. Sputnik will launch the unit at the end of January. The new aluminium housing means it can also be installed in locations close to the seashore. The protection of the plus and minus poles ensures additional safety, the surge protection Class 2 provides advantages for assurance coverage. Like its predecessor version, MaxConnect 12/16 plus has its own integrated string current monitoring system which reliably recognises short-falls in output and string failures, thus preventing yield loss.

Caption: 57 kilowatt hours of energy produced, 26 euros profit margin returned and 63 kilogrammes of CO2 saved-MaxVisio displays the day’s values of a photovoltaic plant in one view.

About Sputnik Engineering AG
Sputnik Engineering AG was founded in 1991. Since then it has focused its activities exclusively on the development, sales and maintenance of inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. With the SolarMax series, the company – headquartered in Biel , Switzerland – offers a highly diverse product range of string inverters for single family houses and central inverters for solar power plants. Thanks to its many years of experience and constant optimisation of its products, Sputnik has developed devices distinguished by their state-of-the-art technology, high quality, reliability, maximum yields and very good value for the money. Sputnik Engineering currently has around 240 employees at its Swiss headquarters as well in its subsidiaries in Neuhausen (Germany ), Madrid (Spain ) and Milan (Italy ), and Paris ( France ).

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