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Sputnik commissions the first solar power plant with a new megawatt station

Biel , 23. September 2009. Today in Hemau, in the district of Regensburg, will see the commissioning of the first megawatt station built by Sputnik Engineering, a Swiss inverter manufacturer. The 632 photovoltaic (PV) plant was installed on open land by SolaStrom Systems GmbH, a system integrator based in Augsburg. At this site the usual low-voltage transformer (400V) is unnecessary because two of a new type of SolarMax central inverter, the SolarMax 330C-SV, feed the power directly into the transformer on the medium-voltage grid.


The transformerless technology of these new inverters has enabled Sputnik to cut both the size and the weight of the system by half compared with the previous models. At the same time, Sputnik’s developers have boosted efficiency by 1.5 percent and lowered costs as well. The investor and system operator expects that the system will already be amortised in seven years. The company receives from the local grid operator the price guaranteed by Germany’s Renewable Energy Act, 31.94 cents for every kilowatt hour of solar power produced.

MaxRemote enables remote control

The PV system in Hemau is monitored by Sputnik’s communications network, MaxComm, together with its internet-based data logger MaxWeb. This is the first time that Sputnik has equipped its data logger with the newly developed software option MaxRemote. It ensures that as soon as the grid operator requests a reduction in power, the inverter automatically reduces its output. This prevents short-term overloads. Starting this year, this remote-controlled reduction in output has been required by both the Renewable Energy Act as well as the new guideline for the connection and parallel operation of generation plants issued by Germany’s Federal Association of Energy Suppliers and Water Utilities (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirschaft).

“What was especially exciting for me about Sputnik’s new megawatt station was its innovative technology and complete package,” according to SolaStrom managing director Gerald Schubert, who is convinced of Sputnik’s quality and service and has been installing SolarMax products since 2003. This year alone, SolaStrom will install SolarMax inverters with a total capacity of three megawatts.


Power output

632 kW


Monocrystalline solar modules made by Frankfurt Solar


SolarMax 330C-SV (2x)

Inclination and orientation

Inclination 30°, South


September 2009


980 kWh/kW

About Sputnik Engineering AG

Sputnik Engineering AG was founded in 1991 by Christoph von Bergen and Philipp Müller. Since then it has focused its activities exclusively on the development, sales and maintenance of inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. With the SolarMax series, the company – headquartered in Biel, Switzerland – offers a highly diverse product range of string inverters for single family houses and central inverters for solar power plants. Thanks to its many years of experience and constant optimisation of its products, Sputnik has developed devices distinguished by their state-of-the-art technology, high quality, reliability, maximum yields and very good value for the money.

Sputnik Engineering currently has around 230 employees at its Swiss headquarters as well in its subsidiaries in Neuhausen (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Milan (Italy), and Paris (France).

About SolaStrom Systems GmbH

Based in the German city of Augsburg, SolaStrom has established a reputation for itself over the past ten years as a photovoltaic system supplier. Many investors have benefited enormously from SolaStrom’s all-round service especially for mid-size roof and open land plants.

Turn-key plant concepts-this means advice, planning, relevant calculations and assembly of the photovoltaic plant with the latest state of the art technology. The support concept also covers the subsequent phase of operating the plant. SolaStrom’s highest priorities are quality in planning, performance and support and a very good price-to-performance ratio.

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