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Soluzione Solare presents the solarimeter

In a solar PV system, by measuring solar radiation, we can determine whether, at a given moment, the facility is operating correctly or underperforming. As it yields with “feed in tariff” this check is unquestionably important during the testing phase and also during normal operation, if the facility is of a certain size.


“Soluzione Solare” is an Italian company which has developed from a small team with decades of experience in finalising and testing PV plants. During the 24th EU PV SEC it will present a solarimeter with linearity and precision characteristics similar to a pyranometer. It has a high technology content, designed to meet 4 requirements: a high degree of linearity of measurement, compatibility with any data logger, reliability, contained costs.

SUNMETER(R) is the name of the solarimeter, which measures radiation with a silicon cell using our proprietary TZOS (True Zero-Ohm Shunt) technology.

The signal deriving from the cell is drawn up by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) which uses algorithms to filter and compensate the radiation value, giving it notable precision and stability.

Its analogical output is freely configurable by voltage or current, with ranges of 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA (an optional 0-40mV kit is available for data loggers which have direct input for an unamplified solarimeter).

There is also an input for type PT100 thermoresistance, in order to measure the temperature of the modules, necessary for accurate tests of the PV systems.

All of the measured dimensions are also available in serial output RS485 with a Modbus RTU protocol. This allows them to be connected to more complex monitoring systems or to a PC for maximum flexibility!

On the www.soluzionesolare.it website, you will find a technical sheet for the tool, as well as a comparative study with a pyranometer of a weather centre.

During the trade fair, it will be possible to test one and buy it as a promotional offer.

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