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Soltec to supply 92 MW of its SF7 Solar Tracker to a project in Virginia, United States

Miami, November 14th. Miami, November 14th – Soltec, a leader in the design and manufacturing of solar trackers, introduces SFOne USA, its latest innovation in solar tracking technology designed for the U.S. market. SFOne marks a milestone in the solar industry, combining Soltec’s expertise in design, manufacturing, and installation to deliver a revolutionary solution that streamlines and optimizes solar energy generation.

With a unique vertically aligned dual-row design, SFOne maximizes solar energy generation efficiency while reducing costs and complexity associated with the installation and maintenance of solar systems. Specifically tailored for projects in the United States, SFOne eliminates the complexity of conventional configurations with its pre-assembled sets, reducing costs and expediting the installation process. The connected system of SFOne also cuts the number of motors and electronic systems by 50%.

SFOne adapts to various terrains, from slopes to irregularities and diverse soil types. Additionally, SFOne’s sophisticated design includes a wiring system that avoids unnecessary parts, reducing both the number of tracker components and their total cost.

SFOne’s electronics feature complete wireless communication and are designed to withstand low temperatures, ensuring optimal performance in various weather conditions. Furthermore, the SFOne tracker uses cutting-edge algorithms to maximize production: TeamTrack minimizes shading losses between rows, Diffuse Booster maximizes gains on cloudy days, and Dy-WIND ensures plant protection against adverse weather conditions.

“This SFOne solar tracker is a unique and adaptive solar solution designed exclusively for the U.S. market. SFOne simplifies installation, reduces costs, and maximizes solar energy generation efficiency in a variety of conditions. By being able to manufacture locally, we reaffirm our commitment to the US market as a player that can help achieve IRA compliance for our customers. SFOne represents a significant step towards a cleaner and more efficient future in solar energy,” explained Colin Caufield, VP of Sales North America.

Soltec, with manufacturing capabilities in the United States, emphasizes its commitment to the local economy and environmental sustainability through the launch of this new tracker. By choosing SFOne, companies and projects benefit from a solution that not only maximizes solar energy production but also minimizes associated costs and risks.

Learn more about SFOne USA at: https://soltec.com/en/solutions/products/sfone-us/