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Solarfarm shadow program free download on Ades new website www.ades.tv

At ADES new website you will discover videos, animations of ADES trackers and ADES future products as well as a presentation of company activities.

Also, you will find the shadow SOLARFARM program for free download. The objective of the program is to facilitate the tasks of engineering design, customers and installers who want to implant the ADES solar trackers into their projects.


SOLARFARM provides a graphical 3D space that allows analyzing and optimizing photovoltaic parks designed with ADES Solar Trackers. The optimization process helps to obtain higher production facing lower occupancy of the land.

The application lets you introduce the actual state of the topography of the land giving the higher accuracy in the shadows prediction.

The program simulates a model which gives projections of shadows in real time, calculating all possible interferences of the sun beams and the different elements (ADES Solar Trackers, buildings or obstacles existing in the installation).

These interferences are treated in a very visual way, through a series of colours and geometric shapes. SOLARFARM marks exactly where the problem is.

On the other hand, the program allows you to study the daily behaviour of the shadows of each individual tracker. With this information you will predict with extreme detail which trackers will have a higher production and explore possible solutions for the trackers which may suffer more shadows.

SOLARFARM incorporates a number of applications that allow the viewer to rotate 360 º in order to display every detail of the study process.

ADES: since the start of its activities in 1992 has put all energy into developing innovative profitable technological solutions in the power and energy fields, applying a business culture based on effectiveness, simplicity and ongoing improvement. By applying exclusive technologies and thanks to the confidence and support of their customers, they have achieved more than 150 MW experience PV installations, and are now on the cutting edge of tracking technology with range of solar trackers. They are an R+D+I engineering company that has developed its own technology and that puts all its energy, experience and know-how into providing new technological solutions that are capable of improving the quality of life and adding to the sustainable development of our planet. 2008 turnover: 77 M €. ADES will soon introduce new product ranges: tilting wind turbines, off-grid equipment solutions and solar houses.