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Setting a new world record once again! DAS Solar announces the new cell efficiency up to 26.33% for TOPCon 4.0 technology!

As a leader in N-type technology, DAS Solar has received the National Photovoltaic Industry Measurement and Testing Center’s certification report for the latest N-type high-efficiency 333.4 cm2 large-area solar cells with TOPCon 4.0 technology, which achieved an impressive cell efficiency of 26.33%, surpassing the previous world record set in May of 2023 of 26.24%.

I-V Characteristic Curves

Dr. Song Dengyuan, Chief Technology Officer of DAS Solar, a national expert in renewable energy and hydrogen technology, and chairman of the SEMI Standard Technology Committee, said, “the research speed of DAS Solar’s self-developed TOPCon 4.0 core technology has exceeded initial expectations.”

DAS Solar’s TOPCon 4.0 exhibits four technological features:

  • An innovative Poly-Si/SiOx/c-Si interface design has introduced a new mechanism for transporting charge carriers, improving short-circuit current and fill factor.
  • Cell structure design improves carrier selectivity, resulting in higher open-circuit voltages.
  • Using advanced techniques such as Poly-finger further enhances quantum efficiency across a wide spectrum.
  • The new materials have dramatically reduced auger recombination of emitter electrodes, resulting in the highest short-wavelength spectral response to EQE (External Quantum Efficiency) characteristic of over 85% at 300nm.

By using the existing production line equipment to implement these technologies within TOPCon 4.0, DAS Solar has achieved significant breakthroughs in both core and integrated innovations within TOPCon solar cells, which are essential for the cost-effective and mass production of TOPCon 4.0 solar cells.

The latest efficiency record provides compelling evidence that DAS Solar’s TOPCon 4.0 technology is currently the most advanced globally. At present, DAS Solar is actively engaged in the integration of TOPCon 4.0 into the mass production. DAS Solar is dedicated to continuous exploration and rigorous research in N-type technology, consistently surpassing industry standards in cell and module efficiency. A technology roadmap developed by DAS Solar includes five pathways, TOPCon 4.0, TBC, SCPC, and TSiX, which will result in solar cell efficiency up to 40%.

DAS Solar’s technical roadmap

“Five months after the previous record, DAS Solar has once again set a world record for large-area TOPCon solar cells. This achievement reflects DAS Solar’s dedication to innovation and our continuous commitment to harnessing solar energy more efficiently through the ongoing improvement of solar cell efficiency,” said DAS Solar’s Chairman and CEO, Liu Yong. “We have embraced our company’s culture – proactive innovation, daring innovation, and adept innovation from TOPCon 1.0-TOPCon 4.0. DAS Solar remain committed to improving solar cell efficiency, and confident that we will continue to set new records for solar cell conversion efficiency.”