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SANYO Solar demonstrates high efficiency Solar Modules at Eco Build 2010

SANYO is pleased to announce that it will showcase its HIT Solar Technology at the SOLAR HUB at this year’s Eco Build show, taking place in London between 2nd and 4th March, 2010. The SOLAR HUB is one of 4 feature points at this year’s Eco Build. These feature points are designed to educate visitors on building trends and renewable technology and at the SOLAR HUB, a range of the latest solar solutions will be on display. In addition, visitors will be able to find out more about the Government’s Clean Energy Cashback Scheme. Under this scheme which is due to be launched in April 2010, owners of PV systems will be paid a guaranteed rate for the energy they generate.

Shigeki Komatsu, Director of the European Solar Division for SANYO commented, “We are very excited about the government subsidy scheme in the UK. In Germany, where a similar scheme has been in existence since 2000, the market has grown by approximately 3GW per year, creating what is now the largest and most developed market in the world. PV subsidies have been introduced in many other countries around the world with rapid market grown being achieved in each instance. We are sure that the same can be true of the UK.”

SANYO’s modules have a proven track record and are some of the most efficient available, an important consideration when choosing modules for use under the Clean Energy Cashback scheme. SANYO’s modules will be shown integrated into a Solar Century Sunstation, a simple solution using an “in-roof” installation and able to incorporate a variety of PV modules.

Shigeki Komatsu added, “It is sometimes assumed that Solar Technology is not suitable for Northern European climates, but this is not true. The solar market will grow under these suitable subsidies and the will of the people. Actually we have been successfully selling PV modules in the UK since 2003 and customers have acknowledged SANYO’s superior performance thanks to our modules high output efficiency. Last year, we announced a record breaking 23% cell output efficiency at R&D level and we intend to bring this know how into our mass produced cells as early as possible, further enhancing the performance benefits for customers in countries such as the UK.”

At Eco Build, the SOLAR HUB will demonstrate how simple it is to integrate solar technology such as SANYO’s residential modules into the built environment to support low-carbon development and construction. Solar solutions featured in the model will be shown full size, with information on the technology, application and income generation from the Clean Energy Cashback scheme.

About Clean Energy Cashback Scheme:

The UK Clean Energy Cashback Scheme (also known as Feed in Tariffs), is to be introduced in April 2010 and is designed to provide financial incentives for people and businesses to install electricity-generating technologies such as solar electricity panels and wind turbines. The scheme will do this by guaranteeing a minimum payment for the electricity generated as well as the electricity exported to the national grid.

You can find more information about the Scheme at: http://cleanenergycashback.org/

About SANYO:

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading company for energy and environment, providing solutions for energy, environment and lifestyle applications based on its brand vision ‘Think GAIA.’ SANYO’s businesses are divided into three business domains: Energy, Ecology and Electronics. These three areas cover a broad range of products and services such as rechargeable batteries, photovoltaic systems, HVAC/R equipment, digital imaging devices, personal navigation systems, home appliances, electronic components and others. For further information, please visit SANYO’s web site at http://sanyo.com/.

SANYO Component Europe GmbH (a fully incorporated subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co. Ltd.) is a supplier of highly developed environmental and energy solutions. The company offers an extensive range of batteries, rechargeable batteries, and photovoltaic modules as well as high-quality and innovative electronic components and semiconductors. The headquarters of SANYO Component Europe is located in Munich with subsidiaries in the UK and France.

You can find more information about SANYO Component Europe at: http://www.sanyo-solar.eu