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Renewables in Africa Announces Strategic Collaboration with Gold Ventures Investment to Empower African Startups

Brentwood, 19th April 2024 – Renewables in Africa (RiA), a leading virtual media platform dedicated to promoting renewable energy, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Gold Ventures Investment (GVI), an influential investment firm known for its robust startup support ecosystem. This collaboration aims to empower African startups by facilitating their engagement with foreign investors and expanding their opportunities into the European market.


1. Empowering African Startups


Through this partnership, RiA will leverage GVI’s extensive network and expertise in scouting and evaluating innovative startups, enabling African enterprises in the renewable energy sector to connect with a broad range of investors. This collaboration will open doors for African startups to access 27 European countries, providing unprecedented opportunities for growth and market expansion.


2. Benefits of the Collaboration


The synergy between RiA’s platform, which raises awareness and supports business development on the ground, and GVI’s capability in professional investment facilitation promises to enhance the visibility and operational capacities of startups. This strategic alliance is poised to transform the landscape for renewable energy startups in Africa, offering them tools and pathways to succeed on a global scale.


3. Statements from the CEOs


“We are thrilled to partner with GVI and provide African startups with the tools and exposure needed to thrive in competitive markets,” said Tony Tiyou, CEO of Renewables in Africa. “This partnership not only supports our mission to electrify Africa sustainably but also opens significant new avenues for investment and growth.”

Kobi Kalderon, CEO of Gold Ventures Investment, added, “Our collaboration with RiA is a perfect match of our vision to scout and nurture high-potential startups. We are excited to extend our reach to the African continent and introduce these innovative businesses to the European market.”


4. About Renewables in Africa (RiA)


Renewables in Africa is a virtual media platform aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of renewable energy in Africa and globally. By providing comprehensive, data-driven media solutions, RiA supports businesses in gaining visibility and engaging effectively with their target audiences. Additionally, RiA aids startups with essential business development, helping them establish a foothold and expand their operations.


5. About Gold Ventures Investment (GVI)


Gold Ventures Investment specializes in identifying and nurturing high-potential startups across various sectors. With a team of seasoned experts and a deep understanding of the Israeli and global ecosystems, GVI offers invaluable insights and investment opportunities to startups looking to scale and succeed.



6. Contact Information

For any information about this partnership and its impact on the renewable energy sector, please do reach out to:


Tony Tiyou

CEO, Renewables in Africa