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Renewable Parts US Formally Appoints President for North America Region

Following sustained growth over a number of years, Renewable Parts is addressing an increased demand stateside, and has filled this key position with an internal promotion

Renewable Parts has grown over the last 13 years to become one of the key independent supply chain specialists in wind in the UK and Europe. Having enhanced their offering in the last decade by bringing refurbishment and remanufacture of a range of components in-house and thereby helping with parts obsolescence and supply chain strain, the business has been instrumental in bringing circular economy to the wind industry.

As a founding member of the Coalition of Wind Industry Circularity in the UK, the business knows all too well the challenges of implementing an effective, scalable circular business model, and that one of the key pinch points is reverse logistics.

With more demand for refurbishment and remanufacture solutions coming from North America it was clear that the business had to establish an entity closer to the wind farms where the parts were failing in significant volumes, and as a result Renewable Parts LLC was founded in the autumn of last year.

Having spent the last 7 years with Renewable Parts in the UK, establishing and growing the Innovation Centre – where wind turbine components are recirculated at scale – Michael Forbes has been appointed the company President for North America, effective immediately.

Michael will move from the west coast of Scotland to Houston, Texas to run the new workshop and develop sustainable parts solutions for customers.

“I’m delighted to share formally that I will be taking up the new position, and moving out to Houston with my family,” said Michael, “After spending the last 12 months focussing more on the market in the US and designing solutions that are tailored for our customers there, I feel there is a huge opportunity to lower costs, reduce downtime and cut waste in the industry. I’m also very thankful to the whole team at Renewable Parts for the support during this period. It’s great to be part of a company where real career progression is possible. When I joined the company we were recirculating parts from a refurbished ambulance station and since then our workshop and our warehouse have both expended further and the head count has grown significantly, but there is always the feeling that there is an opportunity to grow with the business.”

About Renewable Parts

Renewable Parts is a pioneering organisation proactively working to de-carbonise the wind industry since 2011.  They recirculate components for turbines that would normally be sent to scrap and landfill, and we help to maximise turbine uptime by reducing lead time through their experienced supply chain network. Read the full story at https://www.renewable-parts.com