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·World-first development phase for offshore hydrogen production and transportation leads to new UK regulatory regime 

·HT1 Project catalyses rapid industry progress in offshore hydrogen transportation and storage

A world-leading innovation project exploring the possibilities of hydrogen production on offshore wind farms and transportation to shore is to conclude, almost two years after it began.  

The HT1 Project was designed around Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Development Centre off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland.  

The project aided the creation of a new regulatory and consenting regime by the UK Government for offshore hydrogen transportation and storage1. It clarified roles and responsibilities of interlinking regulators, which will be crucial to the development of the future renewable hydrogen market in the UK.  

Part of the project was funded by DESNZ through the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 funding programme2.  

Having tested the development phase for decentralised offshore hydrogen production, and in light of other industry advances, Vattenfall has now taken the decision to conclude the project. Vattenfall will continue to explore fossil fuel-free hydrogen production as part of the energy transition. 

The findings from the project will be presented later in 20243.

Lisa Christie, Country Manager for Vattenfall in the UK, said:  

“Vattenfall is immensely proud that the HT1 Project has led to the creation of the new consenting regime for future offshore hydrogen production, transportation and storage in the UK.  

“The technological and environmental progress we have made will also enable further advances by the industry towards the creation of a thriving offshore hydrogen production market.”

1. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/proposals-for-offshore-hydrogen-regulation.  

2. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/low-carbon-hydrogen-supply-2-competition

3. A final report, including to DESNZ on the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 element of the project, will be published once the project has closed.