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ONYX Insight marks 10 years of maximising turbine efficiency and performance with over $340m in industry savings delivered

ONYX Insight, a leading independent predictive analytics solution provider, has delivered more than $340m in savings to the wind industry through its fleetMONITOR condition monitoring software. From its inception, the software was designed for owners of mixed assets, enabling centralised analysis of data from multiple CMS systems.

The hardware-agnostic software is built to work with any CMS system and is actively used across more than 20,000 turbines today, enabling rapid diagnostics of turbine reliability problems. Its fault database covers over 30 turbine OEMs, allowing asset owners to anticipate major component failures 24 months in advance and use this information to extend assets’ useful life, optimise supply chain, and ultimately improve operational efficiency.

The technology has successfully collected over one billion data measurements and abated more than one million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of taking 632,030 cars off the road – by avoiding the requirement for component replacements, de-risking catastrophic failures and reducing downtime.

Adopted by leading wind energy asset owners, operators and OEMs including Pattern Energy, ERG and bp to name a few, fleetMONITOR is cloud-based for rapid deployment and can be seamlessly integrated to monitor data across different components and over 15 hardware systems in one place, simplifying the increasingly complex landscape of wind turbine operations. Further efficiencies are achieved by utilising the latest AI advancements to combine vibration, SCADA, oil particles and temperature data for market-leading levels of certainty.


Won Shin, VP Product at ONYX Insight, said: “Ten years ago we spearheaded the drive towards predictive maintenance with the launch of fleetMONITOR, effectively transforming the industry approach to traditional condition monitoring. I am proud that we have continued this trajectory, scaling our offering to develop new innovations backed by engineering know-how to provide unparalleled visibility over the health of wind turbine fleets, leading to a nearly 50% increase in turbines actively in the system in the last 12 months alone.

“Our technology sets the bar for flexibility, efficiency and quality in wind turbine health management, and as reliability issues remain a key industry-wide challenge, our solutions have never been more relevant. Predictive maintenance is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a critical element in ensuring performance and efficiency across wind turbine fleets and we are proud to be a leader in this space. I look forward to the next ten years of advancing the future of condition monitoring.”

fleetMONITOR is backed by ONYX’s experienced condition monitoring teams in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, which work as extensions of operators’ organisations, supporting them with technology transfer on their journey to in-house monitoring and ultimately greater visibility and control over their assets’ health.

For more information visit: https://onyxinsight.com/

About ONYX Insight

ONYX Insight is a leading independent provider of predictive analytics, offering software, advancing sensing and engineering services across the wind industry. Monitoring more than 20,000 turbines across 30 countries, ONYX is trusted by seven of the top ten wind asset owners globally to deliver efficiency to operations. To date, ONYX has shipped over 11,000 advanced sensing units to the aftermarket.

ONYX Insight has a comprehensive suite of award-winning products which combine predictive analytics with real-world engineering expertise. This approach is designed to offer wind asset owners cutting-edge technology to effectively optimise asset performance. Further endorsement comes from GE, who recently selected ONYX as the sole provider of condition monitoring solutions for its onshore platforms.

For more information, contact gillian.george@bigpartnership.co.uk / 07815 561545