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Media Calling Notice: BWEA UK Wind Week 2009: 13 – 21st June 2009

What’s happening:
BWEA UK Wind Week 2009: 13 – 21st June 2009.

The UK’s biggest celebration of wind energy takes place over 9 days this June, with over 20 wind farms and supporters opening their doors across the country.


UK Wind Week will be promoting the benefits and opportunities offered by wind energy in terms of sustainability, economic prosperity and energy security.

* The UK is the windiest country in Europe – we could power our country several times over using this free fuel. A modern 2.5MW turbine at a reasonable site will generate 6.5 million unites of electricity each year, enough to meet the annual needs of over 1,400 households, make 230 million cups of tea or run a computer for 2,250 years.
* Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity in the world.
* 80% per cent of people in the UK are in support of wind energy, according to official Government surveys~
* Together, wind, wave and tidal can supply over 30% of the UK’s electricity by 2020, resulting in £70 billion of investment.
* The wind, wave and tidal sectors are set to create 60,000 direct jobs in the next decade, up from 5,000 today, providing a major contribution to the EU’s targets on lowering carbon emissions.

Sat 13th June to Sunday 21st June 2009

At over 20 wind farms across the UK. http://www.embracewind.com/wffinder.html
Check the above embracewind.com website for details of opening times, activities and locations.


· Charles Anglin, Director of Communications, BWEA

· Nick Medic, Communications Manager, BWEA

· Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive, BWEA

For further information about UK Wind Week 2009, please contact:

Nick Medic
Communications Manager
0207 901 3013

Lucinda Roberts
Senior Account Executive
Mistral PR
01869 352 729