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MEASNET elects new Executive Board

Madrid, 20.07.2023.- MEASNET Council of Members has elected a new Executive Board during their last meeting, held last June in Madrid (Spain). This body has reaffirmed their support to the former Executive Board, elected two years ago. It is constituted by Monika Kraemer as Chairwoman, Alejandro Martinez as Vice Chairman, and Iñigo Lopez as Treasurer.

The new Board assumes the mission to enhance the activity of MEASNET —International Network for Harmonised and Recognised Measurements in Wind Energy— in the forthcoming years, as well as leading the organisation to successfully face challenges in the wind energy sector. They will serve for a two-year period, from June 2023 to June 2025.

The elected MEASNET Chairwoman, Monika Kraemer, stated: “We are very grateful to the members for renewing their confidence in this management team. With our common goals in mind, we will work hard in the coming months to keep on shaping the MEASNET of the future.”

The newly renewed Executive Board has extensive experience working in the collaborative environment that MEASNET represents in the international wind energy sector. Monika Krämer has been Chairwoman of the organisation since 2010. Alejandro Martínez took up his position in 2013, while Íñigo López started his duties as Treasurer in 2017.

MEASNET currently counts 29 members, which are technical laboratories from Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

The Council of Members Meeting is the yearly forum to make decisions on the operational functioning of the organisation and its future strategies. Being MEASNET the official IECRE provider for Proficiency Tests in the wind industry worldwide, the outcome of these technical evaluations —with 90 participants since its inception, in 2020— was also assessed during this session. Members also discussed the convenience of introducing new Proficiency Tests for different areas of competence, to respond to the industry’s demand for measurements in a wider range of technical fields.

Monika Kraemer has more than 30 years of international professional experience in the field of renewable energy with a focus on wind energy. In 1998 she started her career at windtest grevenbroich gmbh in Germany. Since 2004 until today, she is Managing Director of this company and additionally active in numerous expert committees, as well as in MEASNET.
Since 2000 she has regularly attended the Council of Members as the representative of windtest grevenbroich. In 2010 she accepted the election as Chairwoman of MEASNET and has been re-elected ever since.
With a university degree in Geology, focus on hydrogeology, she has been working as quality manager, project engineer for site assessment and test sites, as well as financial manager for 11 years. This was followed by 19 years of activity as Managing Director.

Alejandro Martinez has been focused on anemometers calibration for more than 20 years. Since 2005 he has attended regularly the MEASNET meetings, both Council of Members and Anemometer Calibration Expert Group.
With a university degree in Aeronautics Engineering, he has been working in test engineering all his career, covering different areas from wind tunnel testing to thermal vacuum testing of spacecraft components.
Also, he has been working in different aspects of the accreditation process under ISO/IEC 17025 standard.
Since 2016, he has been collaborating in the implementation of the IECRE system, taking the role of the Task Force 3 convener and helping to develop the Proficiency Testing in the IECRE environment.

Iñigo Lopez has been involved in the wind energy field since 1999, when he founded his first company, Acoustics Analysis. Afterwards, in 2005, he founded Aresse Engineering to provide test, analysis, and validation services to the renewable industry. He has held the position of CEO in both companies, which have been awarded quality seals.
With a university degree in Technical Industrial Engineering, Íñigo López has successfully conducted over ten R+D+i projects along his professional career. He possesses extensive experience leading working teams and making business decisions, as well as managing human, technical and financial resources.
López was first elected as MEASNET Treasurer in 2017 and has now revalidated this position within the organisation Executive Board.