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Langstone Harbour awards environmental monitoring contract

OceanWise are proud to announce that they will be supplying and installing a marine environmental monitoring solution in Langstone Harbour, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Hampshire. This important installation will provide the harbour with tide and weather equipment and a cloud-based data platform to support ongoing harbour operations and environmental monitoring.

Langstone Harbour is located on Hampshire’s Southern coast nestled between Portsmouth and Chichester and managed under Langstone Harbour Board. This important and historic harbour is afforded a tranche of environmental designations, a Special Protection Area (SPA), a Special Area for Conservation (SAC), and a Ramsar site, for wildlife and is well known for its key environmental designations. The harbour successfully manages a host of operations including commercial shipping, fishing, and leisure boating.

Billy Johnson, Habour Master at Langston Harbour comments: “Understanding local tidal and wind conditions is a critical part of navigating safely in a shallow natural harbour like Langstone.  Being able to share real-time data with our users, be they dinghy sailors or larger vessels under pilotage, will be a major step forward for us.  I am genuinely pleased to be working with OceanWise installing the Port-Log system which will undoubtedly assist all harbour users and make our beautiful harbour a safer place to sail.”

All the data from the equipment installed will be delivered in real-time via the cloud-based data platform (Port-Log) which will allow harbour operators to closely monitor the ever-changing tide and environmental conditions.

About OceanWise

OceanWise provides applications, services and tools that enable safer and smarter management of marine operations.

We specialise in marine environmental monitoring; are the leading provider of marine mapping data worldwide; and are the experts in marine data management. We proudly work with those responsible for planning, managing and operating assets in the coastal and offshore environments and combine an intimate knowledge of marine data and operations with our close relationships with instrument manufacturers, software vendors and standards bodies to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions

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