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‘Invisible met mast’ deployed at Wilson Renewables’ Bankend Rig III Wind Farm

Natural Power’s Wind Resource Assessment sees 12-month wind Lidar campaign with ZX Measurement Services

The Wilson family supports clean energy generation with the aim of contributing to ‘Net Zero’ and protecting the planet for future generations. Bankend Rig 3 is the latest proposed development by Wilson Renewables, a subsidiary of Wilson Forest Products, consisting of 10 turbines, each with a capacity of up to 6.6 MW. The turbines will have a maximum height to blade tip 250m with a maximum hub height of 172.5m (above ground level), and a rotor diameter of around 155m.

Scottish-based independent consultant Natural Power advised on the appropriate Wind Resource Assessment which included a 12-month Lidar campaign to be delivered by ZX Measurement Services. The ground-based ZX 300 wind Lidar has been deployed to provide comprehensive wind data from ground level up to 300m, covering the full swept area of the proposed wind turbines. Combining Lidar measurements with previously collected met mast data in the area allowed for a cost-effective and timely approach to new wind measurements at Bankend Rig 3 without the need for installing new met masts on the site.

Hamish Wilson is part of the 5th generation of family to be managing the mature forestry land where Bankend Rig III is proposed. Hamish commented: “Wind Lidar was a new idea for Wilson Renewables and following Natural Power’s recommendation we have benefited from this simple, relatively small device that is neatly installed on site providing an ‘invisible met mast’ without all the normal fuss and without the requirement to fell trees prematurely. And it even measures higher than a mast! ZX Measurement Services has helped us to conduct this 12-month wind study with the ZX 300, without issue and to a level of quality that enables us to progress with the project through the planning and development phase”.

The site is located in complex terrain, approximately 4.75 km to the north of Muirkirk, 8.75 km south-east of Darvel and approximately 3.35 km south of Dungavel. Based locally, ZX Measurement Services has provided Wilson Renewables with expertise in wind data measurements including power supply and installation services for the ZX 300 Lidar system at the proposed wind farm whilst ensuring communications for data transfer, data management and reporting to provide timely updates of project progress. The data supports an ongoing wind campaign managed by Natural Power that will result in the Energy Yield and optimised wind farm layout for the site.

With over 15,000 deployments in 100 countries globally, the ZX 300 wind Lidar is built to last and operate in extreme environments, simple and complex terrain, and in clear air, all with its survive-in-field attitude.

About ZX Measurement Services

ZX Measurement Services (ZX MS) is a global leader in the design, installation and management of wind, site and project measurement systems. The team has over 70 years combined experience in ensuring all measurement campaigns are designed and delivered to exactly meet customer’s needs whilst optimising new and existing technologies to facilitate acquisition of the highest quality data with the lowest measurement uncertainty.

Based near Glasgow, UK, ZX MS has a fleet of new ZX300 Lidars and Hybrid Remote Sensing Power Supplies available for long or short term rental campaigns in the UK or Internationally. We design and execute measurement campaigns using our own Lidar fleet or our customers fleets. We train, support and solve problems for customers.

In short our promise is simple; excellence in measurements and project data.

To find out more visit: www.zxmeasurements.com


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