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High throughput stringer system featuring laser technology

Freiberg/Neckar, 15 July, 2009 – teamtechnik has selected Hamburg for the debut of its TT 1200 stringer, one of the world’s fastest stringers for the production of high-quality solar cell strings. teamtechnik will be hosting live production displays at their exhibition stand.

Being an international company, teamtechnik has specialized on high-throughput stringer machines for the global photovoltaic industry. These high-performance production tools are designed to combine reliable large-scale series production with unexcelled levels of string quality.


The standard stringers TT 900 and TT 1200 operate at respective rates of 900 and 1200 cycles per hour. The two units are the offspring of a singular modular construction system. Thus two TT 1200 stringers will operate at 2400 cycles per hour in a 50 MW system.

teamtechnik will be hosting a live production display at its exhibition stand in Hamburg. The TT 1200 stringer will be applying its laser-based technology to solder high-quality solar cell strings every other hour, starting at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. A moderator will be describing the individual process steps and presenting the concepts main features.

All TT stringers feature contactless, controlled soldering technology. teamtechnik specializes in soldering techniques that rely on infrared light or laser. Both techniques are available for optional integration in every teamtechnik stringer. The laser technology serves as a valuable source of enhanced flexibility for dealing with different materials; it ensures optimal results when soldering an extensive array of cell, ribbon and flux combinations. As production proceeds, the controlled process technology compensates for variations in cell material to minimize breakage while ensuring consistent string quality, time after time.

Each of the heating zones in the TT stringer can be adjusted individually. By allowing operators to precision-tune temperatures in each zone, this feature makes it possible to specify the ideal thermal conditions for each cell type prior to, during and after the soldering process. A distinctive asset for users who process different cell types on a single production assembly.
teamtechnik stringers transport the cells “sunny side down” – a concept to keep cell-handling to an absolute minimum. This same “sunny side down” principle makes it possible to process BC cells on a single production machine.

A special hold-down device featuring the functionality of a positioning tool guarantees that ribbons are precisely positioned on the cells. The resulting strings offer convincing geometrical quality by combining superb alignment, linearity, length and cell intervals with excellent cell and ribbon positioning.

In 2009 the concept of the TT-stringer was further refined. These improvements lead to a more compact design and enhanced access for greater convenience in service and maintenance, while the number of handling robots required for the cell-feed process has been reduced to one.

teamtechnik is currently drawing on its abundant experience within the thin-film technology to develop an innovative, low-tension adhesive bonding process for connecting silicon cells. Headquartered in Germany, teamtechnik maintains an international network of sales and service centres throughout Europe, the US and Asia. Both the TT 900 and TT 1200 stringers are being supplied to clients spanning the globe.

Hall B5 / Stand 21

From teamtechnik: TT 1200 STRINGER for high quality in large-scale production

Company profile: teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH
Based in Freiberg on the River Neckar, teamtechnik has been making intelligent and reliable automation solutions for the automotive industry and for medical and solar technology for over 30 years. With their focus on assembly and testing, the systems are distinguished by their modular and standardized process-oriented structure. teamtechnik is considered an international leader in highly flexible automation technology. With a total of 400 employees throughout the world, the company achieves sales of over €75 million. The majority of the workforce are engineers and highly-qualified specialists. The teamtechnik group has production sites in Germany and Poland and branches and service centers in the US, China and Singapore.

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