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Global renewable energy equipment manufacturer FIMER, has announced its market-leading FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox family of chargepoints has received certification from the UK’s Office of Zero Emissions (OZEV) – part of the Department for Transport – meaning it is now available for installation in the UK.

The Italian-based company, which is the fourth largest tier one manufacturer of e-mobility and solar inverter technology in the world, launched its new range of electric vehicle (EV) solutions globally in late 2020.

The OZEV certification for its FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox means it is now on the Approved Chargepoint List for both workplace and domestic use in the UK. This also makes it eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), a grant that provides a 75 percent contribution – up to £350 – towards the cost of one chargepoint and its installation.

Designed for use in residential, public and commercial applications, the FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is a wall or stand mounted charger, which is available in three different models: Stand Alone, Future Net and Inverter Net. Each model has four possible configurations (3.7, 7.4, 11 and 22 kW) and two connections options – either with a T2 or T3 socket or a T2 cord – meaning it is suitable for a variety of price points and both single and multiple installations. Depending on the model, the chargepoints can also integrate with additional systems, such as solar PV and storage.

FIMER has also applied to have the rest of its EV portfolio OZEV certified, including its FLEXA AC charging station, which can charge up to two vehicles at the same time and is ideal for use in public places, and its next-generation FIMER ELECTRA rapid-charging DC station. When approved, FIMER will offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of EV charging solutions on the UK market.

Nagla Kirkpatrick, EVI account manager at FIMER in the UK, comments:

“The UK is a key market in FIMER’s wider EV growth strategy. The UK government’s plans to drastically increase electrification as part of its net zero ambition are driving growing demand for EVs, with the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showing that plug-in and hybrid EVs now account for more than a quarter – 25.7 percent – of the new car market.

“However, with research from the UK100[1] revealing that there could be a severe shortage of public charging points to meet demand – it estimates that 325,000 will be needed by 2032 and there are currently just over 24,000 in operation – there is a need for a new, high-quality solution, which is what the FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox provides.”

To further contribute to overall sustainability of the solution, the FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is made from 100 percent recycled plastic, making the solution functional, reliable, safe, flexible, and environmentally friendly.

Gaetano Belluccio, managing director of e-mobility at FIMER, comments:

“Gaining OZEV certification in the UK builds on our proven global credentials in the EV sector, where we have already installed more than 54,000 solutions. FIMER brings with it a long heritage of creating high-quality and sustainable solutions that are built to last. We are proud to be driving forward this new electric era and look forward to working with customers in the UK to meet the growing demand for EVs.”