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Dutch housing corporation chooses Sunergetic and Qcells for large-scale solar project

[Alkmaar, Netherlands, September 14, 2023] Dutch housing corporation Woonopmaat, located in North Holland town and the municipality Heemskerk, has chosen Alkmaar-based renewable energy company Sunergetic as partner for an ambitious solar panel project using Qcells solar modules.

Following a recent tender procedure, a large number of tenants of Woonopmaat properties will soon enjoy the sustainable, cost-saving benefits of solar energy.

Sunergetic will provide approximately 1,400 homes with Qcells’ DUO BLK M-G11-S solar panels as part of the project. In total, some 800 detached houses and 600 apartments will receive a PV installation. An average of eight solar panels will be installed on each home, resulting in a total of 11,200 Qcells solar modules delivering clean and affordable solar energy to the Heemskerk locals.

The solar systems are purchased by Woonopmaat, and the tenants who reside in the 1,400 properties set to receive a solar system will pay a monthly fee. Ultimately, the residents benefit, because the savings on energy costs are higher than the service-fee of the solar system. The actual yield will vary per household, depending on the location of the home and energy consumption.

Esme de Goede, managing director for housing corporations and Municipalities at Sunergetic, said: “We have known Woonopmaat for several years and are delighted to be able to help them make their housing stock more sustainable with high quality Qcells solar systems. Our smart processes are contributing to increasing the sustainability of the housing stock of housing corporations nationwide, which now also includes Woonopmaat. Moreover, the project is located near our head office in Alkmaar, which makes it extra special.”

Project director at Woonopmaat, Claudio Martina, added: “In collaboration with Sunergetic, we are happy to offer our tenants solar systems for their homes. By installing these systems, we contribute to sustainability and offer our residents the opportunity to make significant savings on their energy bills.”

Earlier this summer, Sunergetic was selected by the municipality of Venlo to install 15,000 Qcells solar panels across 1,500 homes as part of a scheme to help support lower income homeowners.

Hans Puddu, Business Developer for Qcells Benelux, commented: “The longstanding relationship between Qcells and Sunergetic continues to grow from strength to strength. We are excited to be part of this latest project for Woonopmaat, and hope to continue delivering top-quality solar technology to sun-hungry households across the Netherlands for many years to come.”