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DEK Solar continues to thrive in China; powers escalating market demand

DEK Solar is reflecting on an extremely positive Q4, having sold a record number of photovoltaic metallization lines in China. Most recently, the solar screen printing specialist completed a contract to supply a high-profile turnkey provider in the region with a large number of new metallization lines.

DEK Solar’s current success in China is being attributed to the company’s commitment to growing its business in this region, along with the major productivity advantage delivered by its PV1200 and PV3000 metallization lines. Backed by DEK’s experienced team and comprehensive support infrastructure in the region, the award-winning PV1200 is extremely popular with Chinese customers thanks to its 1200 wafers per hour throughput, six-sigma process rating and 12.5 micron resolution. DEK’s recently launched PV3000 is also generating significant interest in this fast-paced market. A very high throughput metallization line, the PV3000 deploys patented multiple print heads in parallel to eliminate downtime while optimising advanced processes such as print-on-print or selective emitter.

DEK Solar Alternative Energy Project Manager, Daniel Chang, explains: “Both our PV1200 and PV3000 metallization lines are being received extremely well by the Chinese marketplace. Obviously, these platforms represent a major technology advantage but I think our commitment to service and support is also a major driver. Advances are imperative for an industry that is on track to be the number one market region for solar by 2015. Plus, with a national target of generating 15% of its energy capacity from renewable sources, China’s solar cell manufacturers need the blend of accuracy, repeatability and throughput that our platforms have built their reputation on.”

DEK’s presence in China is backed by technical centres worldwide, along with experienced product specialists, application engineers, process experts, screen and stencil designers and customer-focused support engineers. Centres of excellence in China are coupled with a network of local support teams to deliver award-winning customer service for businesses throughout China. Daniel adds: “Fantastic Q4 results show that we really are helping our Chinese customers expect more – and we’ll continue to do so through 2010 and beyond!”